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101st Express Entry Draw: 3,900 Express Entry Candidates Received ITA”s

A sum of 3,900 invitations to appeal for Canada PR went out to applicants in the pool of federal Express Entry on October 3. The least score demanded was 445.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (I.R.C.C) appealed the ‘tie-break’ rule in the draw held on October 3. As a consequence, all applicants with a score of Comprehensive Ranking System 445 and higher who presented a profile of Express Entry before October 2, 2018, got an I.T.A in this draw.

People interested in enrolling the pool of Express Entry should first meet the demands for one of the below three programs maintained by Express Entry:

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC)
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC)

Once in the Express Entry pool, an applicant’s ranking is determined on the strength of their work experience, education, language proficiency, and other factors. Applicants are ranked depends on the C.R.S score, which allows a score out of 1,200.

Applicants who have earned an ITA have 60 days to present a full application for Canada PR status to the Canada Government. There are several ways Express Entry applicants can increase their ranking in the pool of the Express Entry. Please follow our expert tips to enhance your profile of Express Entry.

Express Entry Draws in 2018

Draw # Minimum CRS Score Required Date of Draw # of ITAs Issued
101 445 October 3, 2018 3,900
100 284 (*Federal Skilled Trades candidates only) September 24, 2018 400
99 441 September 19, 2018 3,500
98 440 September 5, 2018 3,900
97 440 August 22, 2018 3,750
96 440 August 8, 2018 3,750
95 441 July 25, 2018 3,750
94 442 July 11, 2018 3,750
93 442 June 25, 2018 3,750
92 451 June 13, 2018 3,750
91 902 (*Provincial nominee programs only)

288 (*Federal Skilled Trades candidates only)

May 30, 2018 700
90 440 May 23, 2018 3,500
89 441 May 9, 2018 3,500
88 441 April 25, 2018 3,500
87 444 April 11, 2018 3,500
86 446 March 26, 2018 3,000
85 456 March 14, 2018 3,000
84 442 February 21, 2018 3,000
83 442 February 7, 2018 3,000
82 444 January 24, 2018 2,750
81 446 January 10, 2018 2,750

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Prince Edward Island Express Entry draw invites Labor and Business candidates

Immigration authorities in Prince Edward Island issued new invitations to applicants seeking the provincial nomination in its Express Entry, as well as in Labor Impact and Business Impact categories. The Office of Immigration issued 116 invitations to E.E. and Labor Impact Category candidates.  Eight candidates in Business Impact Category also received them. The minimum score in the Business Category was 152. Furthermore, PEI Immigration authorities did not provide this score for the Labor Impact or the E.E. invitations.
E.E. candidates who wish to join the PEI E.E. must first create a profile in the Expression of Interest system. There is a review of Profiles and candidates get points based on factors like language,   age, work experience, education, employment, and finally adaptability.
PEI holds a fresh Express Entry draw for Labor and Business candidates
Moreover, the E.E. candidates who receive the invitation in the PEI E.E. Stream get 90 days for submitting the complete application to Immigration Office of the province. Nominated Applicants of PEI get 600 additional C.R.S. points. Through this they are in a good position to get an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in Canada.
Furthermore, the Labor Impact Category in the province is special for individuals who have the necessary experience and skills needed by the labor market. This category has three streams:
• Skilled Workers
• Critical Workers
• International Graduates
Some business streams closed now
The Provincial Government announced last week that the draw of September 20 will be the last round for the 100% Ownership and Partial Ownership streams in the Business Impact Category. These had become controversial.
The streams permitted nomination of candidates for permanent residence by the Island in exchange for starting a business in it. After some Investigations the authorities realized that several entrepreneurs did not open a business after receiving PR status.
Additionally, the Island will maintain the Work Permit Stream in the Business Category. It issues temporary work permit to the immigrant entrepreneurs for starting a business and gives nomination for Canadian PR after they fulfill the terms of a Performance Agreement.

USA will take a Decision to revoke H-4 work permits in 3 months

The Trump administration has informed the Federal Court that it will decide regarding revoking work permits to H-4 visa holders, within three months. Many of these are Indian-Americans, and women will receive the major impact of this rule.
Immediate family members of the H-1 B visa holders, like spouses, children below 21 years receive these H-4 visas. These are issued from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Additionally, these are the most popular and high demand visas, among Indian Information Technology professionals.
Trump: Decision for revoking to H-4 work permits in 3 months
Statement in the Court
The Homeland Security Department stated in its recent court filing, to the US DC in Columbia District that it made a firm and speedy progress. It proposes removing certain H-4 spouses, of H-1 B non immigrants, from its regulations, as a category of aliens, who are eligible and authorized for employment. The submission of the new rule will happen to the Office of Management of Budget, White House. The D.H.S. will do this within three months.
The department also made a plea to the court for keeping the decision, on the suit filed by Save Jobs USA, in abeyance. It represents the US based workers, claiming that many jobs which they do, feel the impact of this government policy. Actually, it was promulgated by the Obama administration.
Administration conducting a review of the H-1 B policy 
Presently, the US administration is conducting a review of the H-1 B visa policy. In its opinion it is misused by companies for replacing local workers.  Moreover, it has stated publicly and in the court statement its intention for revoking work permits to H-4 visa holders. This development will affect on Indian women who are major beneficiaries of the Obama-era rule.
The DHS had filed status reports with the dates of Feb 28th , May 22nd  and Aug 20th , and  The next report has to arrive before Nov 19th . The reason for delay was the recent filing of the status report, where the DHS leadership conducted a review of the rule and returned it to U.S.C.I.S. for revision.  After incorporating the necessary revisions, U.S.C.I.S., returns the rule to the DHS. Then it is cleared finally, and submitted to Office of Management of Budget.
Call for an early Court decision 
The ‘Save Jobs USA’ Movement is seeking an early Court decision, with the argument that the long delay and abeyance will cause a great harm to the US workers. Since May 2015 till Dec 25, 2017, U.S.C.I.S. gave the approval of 1, 26,853 applications for authorizing employment to the H-4 visa holders. The composition is 90,946 in initial approvals, 35,219 in renewals, and 688 as replacements for lost cards.
Finally, the share of Indians is Ninety-three percent of applications approval in the H-4 employment authorization, based on the Official data. The interested persons can contact Visa Reporter regarding all the details in this matter. Please feel free to contact us.

Recent Express Entry Draw: 400 FSTC Candidates invited CRS is 284

We present the Express Entry Draw figures for the draws held on Sep 19th and Sep 24th, 2018 below. The recent draw was held with the gap of only five days after the previous draw taking many candidates by surprise. Moreover, on Sep 24th, totally 400 candidates, were eligible to receive the invitation in the Federal Skilled Trades Class. The C.R.S. threshold was 284 points, which is the lowest for 2018 so far. A previous F.S.T.C. specific draw was held on May 30th.
400 FSTC Candidates invited at the CRS of 284 in Express Entry Draw
On September 19, totally 3,500 Express Entry candidates got the I.T.A. in the 99th draw. The C.R.S. cut-off was 441 points. Additionally there was no specific program to get a priority in selecting candidates.
Additionally, in these draws the tie-break mechanism was applied. Because multiple candidates can have the C.R.S. of 441/284, the candidates with an existing profile in the Express Entry pool for a long duration get the priority. For the Sep 19 the tie-break was for Sep 6, 2018 at 10:28:45 UTC. Furthermore, for the Sep 24 tie-break it was February 18, 2018 at 12:31:16 UTC
With the draw of Sep 24 the total number of invitations issued in 2018 is 62,500. In November 2017, the Canadian government had revealed an immigration plan outlining Canada’s commitment to increase the professionals working in the country to 250,000. The programs in it were for:
• Skilled Trades Class
• Skilled Worker Class, and
• Canadian Experience Class
The target for new permanent residents to settle using the P.N.P is 184,000 before December 2020. Finally, it is possible to issue more invitations in the future months, and years. This will benefit many families and persons aiming for settling in Canada. We at Visa Reporter will bring all the details regarding such developments to our patrons. Please stay in touch with us.

59 countries favor Visa-free, or visa on arrival travel for Indians

The Japanese passport occupies the first place, in the world, permitting the visa-free travel to 189 destinations. As per the recent Henley Passport Index, it is the most powerful Passport in the world. Singapore occupies the second place with Germany.

U.A.E. has climbed quickly taking the 23rd place. The Indian passport has the 76th rank as per the Henley Passport Index, 2018. Moreover, it was successful in adding nine countries, in the visa-free list. In 2017 only 50 countries existed for it in this list. These are the countries that Indian passport holders can opt for visiting without having a visa or by taking the visa-on-arrival:

59 countries favor Visa-free, or visa on arrival travel for Indians


Visa-free entry

Serbia, Niue, Montserrat, Bhutan, Dominica, Ecuador, El-Salvador, Fiji, Grenada, Haiti, Indonesia, Jamaica, Macao, Macedonia, Mauritius, Micronesia, Nepal, PalestinianTerritories, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Senegal, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Vanuatu, British Virgin Islands, Qatar, Tunisia, Cook Islands

Visa on Arrival 

Cambodia, Laos, St. Lucia, Suriname, Armenia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Benin, Bolivia, Gabon, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Cape Verde, Comores Island, Djibouti, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Jordan, Kenya, Madagascar, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mozambique, Palau Islands, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Suriname, Tanzania, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, Zimbabwe.

US Government Increased 15,000 Additional H-2B Visas

The US Government has declared a one-time rise of 15,000 further H-2B visas for low wage international workers after deciding that the requirements of US companies cannot be happy with Americans ready and able to do the job. This is being achieved in the genuine interest of the companies, the Administration of Trump has discussed.
US companies in risk of suffering irremediable hurt due to a shortage of available non-agricultural temporary workers will be able to obtain up to 15,000 further non-agricultural temporary workers below the programme of H-2B, the Homeland Security Department stated yesterday.
Trump administration announces increase of 15,000 additional H-2B visas
Visas of H-2B are regularly for international farm workers. US companies recruit people from Latin American nations. Coming to visas of H-1B, which are the common sought following by IT professionals of India, is for highly experienced persons. H-1B visas have a threshold cap of 65,000 visas. The administration of Trump is presently reviewing its policy of H-1B Visa.
Importance of Increasing H-2B Visas
The Homeland Security Department on 01 Oct 2018 stated that it arrived at a decision on raising H-2B limit after discussing with Alexander Acosta, Secretary of Labour. John Kelly, Homeland Security Secretary concluded there are not sufficient enough and willing US workers ready to perform non-agricultural temporary labor to meet the requirements of some American companies in FY 2017.
H-2B Non-agricultural Temporary Worker program was created to assist US companies unable to find an adequate number of suitable U.S workers to show non-agricultural work of a short-term nature. Congress has set the yearly cap of H-2B at 66,000.
A peak of 33,000 visas of H-2B is possible during the initial half of the financial year, and the rest, including any remaining visas of H-2B, is likely starting from April 1 through September 30.
To obtain out your possible chances of Immigration, approach Visa Reporter now, and we will also evaluate your profile and suggest you whether you are eligible to apply or not.