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Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry

Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) have a full proof electronic system called Canada Express Entry to manage applications for permanent residency interested in Canada.

Express Entry Draws take place at regular intervals to invite candidates to apply for PR in Canada.

How does the Canada Express Entry Program work?

A step by step elaboration  of Canada Express Entry Program in following steps-

step 1 – Applicant has to appear in language test English or French.

step 2 – If your studies are outside of Canada, then Applicant has to get his/her certificates assessed from Canadian education standards

step 3 – Applicant has to create an online profile.

step 4 – Justify Applicant skills, work experience, language ability, education & other important details.

step 5 – If applicant meet the Canada Express Entry eligibility criteria for any of the federal economic immigration programs, then his/her application  will be processed to the pool of eligible candidates.

Immigration to Canada without a job offer

Applicants are eligible to immigrate without a job offer from any Canadian employer.

Selection procedure-

  • You will be awarded  score which will decide your place in the Canadian Immigration Entry Pool.
  • It will be entirely based on Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) & the parameters for CRS scoring are based on applicant’s  education, language, work experience & others then the contribute to economic success of an individual.
  • Invitations are issued often to the candidates from the Express Entry pool,  giving them an opportunity  to apply for permanent residency.

Once an individual applicant receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA), Citizenship and Immigration Canada processes their application within time frame of few months.

  • Candidates who score the highest which includes who have provincial nominations will be awarded invitations
  • The validity Express Entry Visa profile is of 12 months. During this tenure, you can update your profile multiple times in case there are changes in applicant circumstances like improving score in language test

Applicant Invitation to Apply for Canada permanent residence, following are the criteria’s.

  • Applicant has been nominated by a province or territory
  • Applicant has to be among the top ranked candidates in the pool based on your experience & skills.

If applicant didn’t receive an Invitation to apply Canada permanent residence after 12 months, Applicant are liable to  resubmit his/her application & re-enter the Canada Express Entry pool and can wait as long as applicant meet the criteria.

Canada Express Entry Points Calculator

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a point-based system adopted by Canadian Immigration authorities. There are specific parameters in this system; if you meet these parameters, you will be awarded relevant points.

While calculate your score for Canadian Immigration, note the following:

  1. The higher score you have, better would be applicant profile
  2. Points can be score based on age, education, experience and English language test.
  3. Accompanying spouse can also add points if applying as a family

Eligibility criteria for Canada Express Entry Program

If you meet the eligibility then-

  1. Applicant will be placed in a pool of eligible candidates.
  2. Applicant will be ranked based on several factors.
  3. If Applicant make it to the top of the list, will get an invitation.
  4. Once you are invited, you are eligible to apply for permanent residence.

Steps to be taken to prepare for Canada Express Entry

  • IELTS:Language test is required in order to apply Permanent Resident Visa.
  • Credential assessment: Foreign diplomas treated equivalent in Canada. Credential assessment is an important first step towards filing an application.
  • Resume and reference letters: Creating resume and determine how to obtain references that can lead to useful in job searching during the permanent residence or PR process Canada.

Points to be noted:

  1. There is no deadline to complete the initial profile.
  2. There is no cap on the number of candidates can get selected from candidate pool.
  3. Anyone who is selected into the Canadian Immigration Entry Pool should get an Invitation to Apply for PR.
  4. A candidate is entitled to take 90 days before submit a completed Application for Permanent Residence.
  5. Reach to our immigration experts, whether you are eligible for this visa.
  6. Fill out the assessment form and please make sure that all information provided is authentic.