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Canada PR Status

Permanent Resident is a dignity awarded to immigrants of Canada by referring through the legal protocol s. A Permanent Resident (PR) is the second-highest status for immigration after citizenship in Canada. Canadian PRs are still citizens of their aboriginal countries.

An interim stay in the country such as a student visa or work visa doesn’t fall under the permanent resident program. You can get Canada Express Entry with PearVisa consultants’ recommendations and assistance.

Refugees also have the alternative to become Canadian citizens under the Government-assisted Refugee program. Their assertion has to be ratified by the Immigration and Refugee Board. Thereafter, applicants can follow the common procedures to refer for permanent resident status.

Canada Express Entry immigration PR Card

PearVisa’s Canada Permanent Residency visa consultant in Delhi helps you with the process of obtaining permanent resident status in Canada. And when you wander outside of Canada and come back through a commercial vehicle, then you can use this card and passport to relieve your movement.

People whose PR has been terminated or is not valid must register for a permanent resident travel document before opting to reinstate Canada through a commercial vehicle such as an airplane, train, bus, or boat.

Check If you are eligible

Canada Express
Entry Points Calculator

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a point-based system chosen by Canadian Immigration administrations. There are certain parameters in this system; if you meet these parameters, you will be rewarded respective points.

While calculate your total for Canadian Immigration, note the following:

The higher score you have, promising would be the applicant profile.
Points can be scored given on age, education, experience and English language test.
Accompanying a spouse can also augment points if referring as a family.

How does the Canada Express Entry Program Function?

A step by step elaboration  of Canada Express Entry Program in following steps-

Step 1Nominees have to sit a language test in English or French.

Step 2If your studies are outside of Canada, then Applicant has to get their certificates evaluated from Canadian education standards

Step 3Applicants have to build an online profile.

Step 4 Justify Applicant abilities, work experience, language ability, schooling & other crucial details.

Step 5If applicants match the Canada Express Entry eligibility norms for any of the federal economic immigration programs, then their application will be sent to the pool of eligible candidates.

Immigration to Canada without a job offer

Applicants are capable of immigrating without a job offer from any Canadian employer.

Eligibility Norms for Canada Express Entry Program

If you meet the eligibility then-

  1. Applicants will be positioned in a pool of eligible candidates.
  2. Applicants will be ranked based on numerous factors.
  3. If Applicant makes it to the prime of the list, they will get an invitation.
  4. Once you are invited, you are eligible to apply for PR.

Steps to be taken to prepare for Canada Express Entry

  • Credential assessment: Foreign diplomas dealt with equivalents in Canada. Credential assessment is a significant first step towards filing an application.
  • IELTS: A language test is compulsory in order to apply for a PR Visa.
  • Resume and reference letters: Building a resume and determining how to obtain references that can lead to beneficial job searching during the PR process in Canada.

Points to be noted

  1. There is no deadline to finish the initial profile.
  2. There is no cap on the number of candidates who can get elected from the candidate pool.
  3. Anybody who is selected into the Canadian Immigration Entry Pool must get an Invitation to Apply for PR.
  4. A candidate is permitted to take 90 days before delivering a completed Application for Permanent Residence.
  5. Reach to the best  immigration experts and check with ease whether you are eligible for this visa

How to Get Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

Canada is among the most popular choices for migration. The government preference for migrants and the immigrant-friendly strategy of Canada made it relatively feasible for professionals pursuing a better earning and lifestyle chance in a developed nation. You might also experience improved personal freedom in the country, right living conditions, and measures for long sustaining life. PearVisa can help you migrate to Canada with the help of Canada Permanent Residency Visa Consultants in Delhi. & Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore.

Canada offers Permanent Resident (PR) visa choices for an emigre to make them a part of their country and enjoy the numerous advantages related to it. Once you attain a PR visa, a permanent status stays for five years that can be resuscitated to extend your stay.

There are different ways one can apply for permanent status in Canada.

  1. Express Entry Program
  2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  3. Business Immigration Program
  4. Family class Immigration
  5. Experience class Immigration


  1. Valid passport
  2. Proof of age
  3. Identity Proof
  4. IELTS score band
  5. Medical fitness certification
  6. Educational Qualification Certificate
  7. Police clearance certificate

Application Cost

There are specific charges for Canada Permanent Resident (PR) that applicants must pay with their application. This fee is different for the primary applicant, spouse, and dependent in your PR application. These are the accompanying changes.

  • Primary applicant – CAD 1,325 [with rights for permanent residence(PR) fees]
  • Primary applicant – CAD 825 (without rights of permanent residence fees)
  • Spouse – CAD 1325 
  • Spouse – CAD 825 (without the rights of PR payments)
  • Child (under 22 years) – CAD 225


Applicants with a PR visa holder should carry their PR card or permanent resident travel document (PRTD) while traveling to Canada. You may not be able to board a flight, boat, train, or bus to the country without this legal document. A reliable Canada Permanent Residency Visa Consultant in Delhi can help migrants make the shift hassle-free.

Residents must keep this card when returning to Canada from outside the country. And apply for a Canada PR card once it got passed the expiration date.


What Canada Permanent Residents Can Do?

With Canada PR, residents attain the right to:

  • Work, live, or study anywhere across Canada
  • Enjoy the same social benefits as Canadian citizens to receive health care
  • Gradually apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Enjoy protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

What Canada PR Can’t Do?

Though you might have attained the Canadian PR, still you are not allowed to:

  • Vote
  • Run for any political office
  • Apply for government jobs at a high-level security clearance.

Selection procedure-

  • You will be awarded points that will conclude your standing in the Canadian Immigration Entry Pool.
  • It will be entirely based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) & the parameters for CRS scoring are based on the applicant’s education, language, work experience & others that contribute to the economic success of an individual.
  • Invitations are published often to the candidates from the Express Entry pool,  giving them a chance to refer for PR.

Once an individual receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA), Citizenship and Immigration Canada screens their application in a few months.

  • Candidates who score the greatest which comprises who have provincial nominations will be granted invitations
  • The validity of the Express Entry Visa profile is 12 months. During this tenure, you can update your profile multiple times in case there are changes in applicant circumstances like improving the score on the language tests.

Applicant Invitation to Apply for Canada permanent residence, following are the criteria.

  • The applicant has been nominated by a province or territory
  • Applicants have to be among the top-ranked candidates in the pool based on their experience & skills.

If an applicant didn’t receive an invitation to apply for Canada permanent residence after 12 months, Applicants are liable to resubmit his/her application & re-enter the Canada Express Entry pool and can wait till the applicant meets the norms.

Immigration to Canada without a job offer

Applicants are eligible to immigrate without a job offer from any Canadian employer.

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