PearVisa offers you the chance to go to Immigration Consultants having a profound knowledge of the Visa Application Processes in several countries. Discuss your Visa applications intimately with our professionals over a call or face to face.

Consulting our expert will enable you to accumulate in-depth knowledge of the immigration process. Every individual is in a different situation and discussing the problems with the Immigration Consultants followed by their advice will increase the probabilities of success on your Visa Applications. Raise queries to the Immigration consultants to eliminate all of your concerns and obtain a transparent picture of the whole scenario lying before you.

At times, you’ll have a selected issue that needs a substantial amount of your time to resolve. PearVisa appeals to you to register sooner and obtain in-tuned with our Immigration Consultants so as to urge such issues to be resolved on or before time.

Many customers have preferred to enroll with us during their Visa Application Process. This is because the procedures become tedious and clients are clueless. We assist you to understand the several stages of the Visa Application Process and therefore the flow of proficiency during that procedure. The knowledge and knowledge shared by our experts are invaluable and may assist you to avoid re-submissions or voiding your application.

Register with us by filling the web Eligibility Assessment Form and that we will get in-tuned with you to elucidate the further process.

Visa Eligibility Assessment

Find out whether you qualify

Our Online Inspection will enable you to find out whether you are eligible to apply for a Visitor Visa. Enroll below to take the Inspection and check the outcomes immediately.

Application Processing
  • PearVisa will facilitate your Application Process. Once you possess our services, we will:
    • Formulate, perfect and submit your application
    • Disseminate with the Immigration Visa Office
    • Encourage you for your private interview wherever applicable
    • Deal with all parity with the Processing Center until your Visa is allocated.
  • Address your queries and procure Remedies
    • Immigration Application Processing Times
    • Immigration Process
    • Proving Work Experience
    • Proving English Language Ability
  • Assist and guide you with any Immigration Dilemmas
    • Medical Inadmissibility
    • Delinquent Inadmissibility
    • Plea Refusal
    • Extended Delays

Experts at PearVisa are always accessible to answer your problems on immigration and thus the appliance procedure.

Client Assessment

Client Assistance Program furnishes a direct one-on-one comprehensive knowledge and referral aid on basic requirements and safety net assistance.

PearVisa assists capable legal permanent residents and citizens in pertaining for a broad span of immigration services including counseling the clients through the citizenship process.

PearVisa has been delivering information and referral client service since 2006. Our experienced advisers assist with collecting temporary or permanent immigration status for executive, managerial and professional employees, as well as additional immigration-related matters. Our comprehensive business immigration legal assistance includes assistance with:

  • Determining and applying for the foremost relevant visa categories for people who shall remain temporarily in numerous countries for employment or other business-related explanations
  • Equipping and processing permanent resident visas for executives and other expert employees
  • Providing counsel regarding obedience with immigration laws to avoid civil and criminal punishments
  • Resolving State Department circumstances in embassies and consulates around the world
  • Delivering counsel with interest to immigration needs immediately and through our system of attorneys licensed in other countries
Pre Landing Services
  • Assist clients in the assessment of their qualifications from the competent bodies and academic institutions in the country of immigration.
  • Advise Client on immigration statutes in force and any subsequent changes thereof and advising on any successive conditions acceptable to meet the nomination criteria.
  • Provide Professional Guidance on his / her intended occupation in the destination country.
  • Provide basic data about the destination country.
  • Organize, orient, and condition clients through Employment Readiness Course for their timely settlement in the objective country after the client vacates the Interview at the processing visa office or gets an Interview Waiver for immigration to the fate country.
  • Assist them in reading resume as per international principal format as compelled by employers
Post Landing Services


Settlement Services

Arrangement of lodging if opted and Reception at the airport in the respective country and Province as acceptable for the clients who book accommodation through us.

Assistance/guidance in applying for SIN / Driving License/ insurance Plan Card/ opening of bank account/ bank debit and credit cards in the respective country and/or Province/State, as applicable.

Information on private insurance companies in the respective country and/or Province/State to get temporary insurance as applicable

Guidance for hiring own accommodation and knowledge on rentals and costs in the respective country and/or Province/State.

Guidance for admission of youngsters of clients in class/college/university.

Information on public transportation/ tax structure etc in respective country and/or Province/State.

Personalized sessions by the Senior Employment Counsellor to hide Professional Guidance for the intended occupation, information on relevant education and professional bridging courses to be taken

Reviewing of individual action plan and fine-tuning an equivalent as per the available placement prospects in the respective country and/or Province/State, as applicable.

Placement Services

Provisioning of Welcome Kit with Job Dossier including employment leads and employment guidance for initiating job search undertakings for the originally available temporary or transitional jobs as per expert skills, aptitude, computer proficiency, and communication abilities possessed by the customer. Guidance for enhancing skill level by joining requisite courses important to look for employment in your own profession.

Guidance on unrestricted admission to varied job banks through government and additional private placement agencies.

Guidance on free employment search information and workshops accessible through government libraries and employment resource centres.


To enable us to rearrange post landing services for you, you would like to finalize your move to Sydney and intimate us your specific move plan with details of the air tickets to land at Sydney and also the need of guest house accommodation, either single or for family with details of relations accompanying you, at the earliest and a minimum of 45 days beforehand of your landing at Sydney. Please also note that we’ve just one office in Australia i.e. at Sydney and hence deliver post landing assistance only at Sydney. So to avail of our post landing services you ought to infer to land in Sydney.

  1. Our Services for Gold Package and Post-Landing Services Customers

(a) Before landing at Sydney, Australia

Furnishing the clients the significant and useful information related with crucial preparation before evacuating for Australia and settlement process after reaching in Australia through our attached booklet titled “Moving to Australia” and attending their queries either by e-mail or telephonically

Providing professional guidance associated with their intended occupation in Australia

Forwarding of move plan of the clients to our business affiliate in Sydney a minimum of five weeks beforehand of their berth at Sydney.

Booking of fully equipped guest house accommodation at Sydney for a minimum period of fortnight or quite that, as anticipated by the clients, before their departure from their native country.

(b) After landing at Sydney, Australia

Arrangement of guest house if opted and Reception at airport in respective country or Province as applicable for the customers who book accommodation through our partners.

Assistance/guidance in applying for SIN / Driving License/ insurance Plan Card/ opening of bank account/ bank debit and credit cards in the respective country and/or Province, as applicable.

Information on private insurance companies in respective countries and Provinces to get provisional insurance as applicable.

Guidance for hiring own accommodation and knowledge on rentals and expenses in respective country and Province.

Guidance for admission of youngsters of clients in class / college / university.

Information on public transportation/ tax structure etc in respective country and/or Province/State.

Personalized sessions by the Senior Employment Counsellor to hide Professional Guidance for the intended occupation, information on relevant education and professional bridging courses to be taken.

Reviewing of individual action plans and fine-tuning an equivalent as per the available placement prospects in the respective country and/or Province/State, as applicable.

  1. Professional Advice for the Intended Employment in Australia

Attached herewith please find Professional Guidance material for “ Civil Engineers” which is your intended occupation in Australia. Please study an equivalent to understand how you’ll be ready to settle during this occupation after landing at Sydney. Job counselors at our Sydney office may counsel you to undergo a little course or apprenticeship programme, if needed, to upgrade your skills as needed by Australian employers after landing in Sydney.

  1. Settlement Fund – Minimum Amount proposed being carried to Australia

In case you are initially moving alone, you must carry a minimum amount of AUS $ 10,000.00 as your settlement fund to cater for the requirements of preliminary concession and living in Australia for the first four months. If your family is accompanying you, you should take an extra AUS $ 2,500.00 for each of your family members. Please note that it may take up to two months before you get your first job in Australia and initially, your expenditures will be high because you will have to purchase all the necessary household items such as refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, furniture items and also will be required to pay advance rent and security for renting your accommodation apart from your day-to-day expenditure on food, transportation, clothing and miscellaneous other provisions. We have prepared a detailed table of rough measures of your abrupt expenses in Australia during the first two months, which is given in the attached booklet “Moving to Australia”.

4.”Moving To Australia” Booklet providing Important & Essential Information on all Settlement Issues.

We understand that moving to a different country is a huge step needing adequate planning and certain answers to vital re-settlement problems. We have readied a very useful booklet “Moving to Australia” attached with this email, to effectively cater to the wants of our Gold Package or clients maintained for Post Landing Services.

  1. Additional useful booklet “Beginning Life in Australia” is also attached herewith.

This will inform you regarding social life in Australia and also gives very helpful information on concession and job search problems with addresses and web links of government help agencies and job search sites. Please read this significant book carefully and make your brief notes for initiating steps for early settlement after landing in Sydney.

  1. Important Websites for Job Seekers in Australia

Affixed herewith please find a long list of very useful job search web sites of Australia. You search these websites thoroughly to get very useful data on the Australian labour market.

  1. Confirming Move Plan

You must infer your full flight circumstances, i.e. name of the airline, flight number, date and time of landing at Sydney and also requirement of guest house lodging at least five weeks in advance of your landing at Sydney. This is required to organize your post landing services. Lease a taxi to reach either the booked guest house apartment or the place where you have managed your accommodation yourself.

  1. Impact of Global Recession on Australian Job Market

Please note that the existing global recession has also affected the job market in Australia like all other countries. It will now be carrying more time to get placed after you land in Australia. You will have to be very patient and will be required to undertake job search efforts for a longer time to get your first job. Ms Renu Chauhan will provide you with all the available job directives and you on your part will have to keep bringing your resume to all the potential employers to generate a maximum number of job interviews so that finally you are hired by an employer. You must be prepared to work initially at a junior level against the first available job and will have to stick to it to gain at least 5-6 months of Australian experience to qualify for a better job later. It will be better for you to move to Australia initially alone and ask your family to join you there only after you get a job. It will be very costly to live with a family without a job.

  1. Trade Certificate for Tradesperson

All tradespersons are required to apply to the Department of Education and Training immediately after arrival in Australia to get Australian Recognized Trade Certificate. This certificate is required to get employment in one’s own field. After applying, it takes about three weeks to get the certificate. In some cases, a technical interview and practical test may also be required. All clients must take a complete set of original educational certificates/documents and work experience certificates.

Waiting to receive your finalized move plan, flight itinerary (name of airline, flight number, date and time of landing at Sydney as per local Australian date/time group), and guest house accommodation regulation at least 45 days in advance of your landing at Sydney. You also must communicate to us the number, sex, and age of each of the family members accompanying you to Australia so that an adequate guest house accommodation, as per the family size, be arranged for at least the first two weeks after reaching Sydney. Please note that the rent of concession will have to be paid by you

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