All You Need To Know About Australian Skilled Independent Subclass 489

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Are you aspiring to stay and work in Australia? Do you wish to keep on pursuing your skills in a land that offers more opportunities and which promises a chance of brighter prospects? If you said yes, then maybe it is time to do an in-depth study about the special visa class offered by the Australian government. Here is all you need to know about the Australian visa subclass 489:

What is a subclass 489 visa?

Being a highly developed nation with multiple opportunities, Australia is generally looked up to as the most immigrant friendly country. With an inclusive and amazing culture and a fantastic work life, it is one of the most opted countries by skilled workers. Here is all you need to know about visa subclass 489:

  • This visa is a special visa proposed by the government of Australia in lieu of vacancies for skilled workers in the country. 
  • It allows the immigrants in Australia to work and live temporarily in any specified region of Australia. 
  • If you wish to immigrate on the basis of this visa subclass, i.e. Australian skilled independent subclass 489, you would be permitted a 4-year stay, costing you a total of 4115  AUD.
  • The processing time for 50% of the application may take up to 22 months, whereas, 90% processing time for this visa may take up to 31 months.
  • This average processing time stands valid for the occupants of a critical sector. Since the priority for the non-critical sectors varies, the time of processing can thereby increase accordingly. An immigration consultant in Delhi for Australia can help you get a better understanding of the same.
  • The advantage of having this skilled subclass of visa is, the immigrant can travel to and from Australia as many times as they want till the time the visa stands valid.

What are the requirements for Australian visa subclass 489?

  • To be eligible for this subclass of visas you must have someone to sponsor you,  a family or an eligible relative. Otherwise, you must be nominated by the state or territory government agency.
  • The applicant for this visa has to have an occupation on a relevant skilled occupant list provided by the Australian government. 
  • Every applicant applying generally should have to undergo a skill assessment test in accordance with the occupation. 
  • Post assessment the applicant should at least have the minimum marks required to qualify for the point test.

An immigration consultants in Delhi for Australia can enlighten you on the further details for the same. Reach out to them and ensure that you get your subclass 489 visa at the earliest.


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