An Overview on Canada Express Entry Immigration

December 16, 2021by admin0

Canada holds a reputation for being one of the best and immigrant-friendly countries on earth. Since it is one of the safest and beautiful places to live, with numerous job opportunities, many people look forward to moving here and giving a fresh start to their life. While most countries closed their immigration programs during the coronavirus outbreak, Canada has been welcoming many in 2021. In fact, they are encouraging more and more skilled people equipped with qualifications to immigrate to Canada and help boost their economy. 

If we talk about the Canada Express Entry Immigration program, it is a point-based immigration program for working professionals who are planning to migrate and settle in Canada. The program awards points to people based on their experience, education, qualifications, and skills- Canadian employment status. You should know that the higher your points, the greater your chances of getting an ITA i.e. Invitation to Apply, for permanent residency in Canada. Generally, PR applications submitted via this program takes 6 to 12 months for processing and sometimes less. Being the leading Canada express entry consultant, we at Pearvisa can be of huge help. 

Canada Express Entry Immigration


This program has modernized the immigration process for professionals and has made it more transparent than ever. Followings are the key details that you should know about: 

  • It is an online program that has no cap on applicants. 
  • The program is applicable to Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program, and Federal Skilled Trades Program.
  • Your profile gets evaluated based on points and gets through the applicant pool. 
  • You are required to submit an Expression of Interest and apply under the type of job- Skill Types O, A, and B.


  • The foremost benefit of the express entry immigration system is its transparency. Applicants can access and check their CRS points and how much they need to score to become eligible for ITA (Invitation to Apply) to apply for permanent residence.
  • Applicants are aware of the median score that they need to acquire to qualify for the ITA. In case you fail to do the needful or as required, they always make the effort to improve your CRS score.
  • They help improve language test results and gain work experience.

The Canada express entry process is a point-based system that helps classify applicants who are planning to settle down in the country. Points are awarded based on their qualification and experience, as mentioned earlier.

With Pearvisa and our immigration expertsyou can expect a smooth and hassle-free immigration journey. 


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