Australian Visa Subclass 189: Amazing Benefits You Need To Know

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For highly skilled individuals, the Australian study visa category 189 is a permanent residence visa. The subclass 189 skilled independent visa programme also enables visa holders to sponsor their family members. Australian visa subclass 189 makes it possible for successful candidates to live and work anywhere in the nation permanently without any sponsorship. However, the most important factor, in this case, is the applicants’ qualifications.

Although it is an invitation-only visa, those with it can sponsor family members, sign up for Medicare, apply for citizenship, and travel inside and beyond the nation for five years after receiving it. A partner/spouse, dependent offspring of partners, and dependent relatives can all be listed as family members and dependents on the application. 

Why Skilled Independent Visa?

A point-based visa called the Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) was created to choose a specific group of foreign workers with the skills that various Australian states need.

It makes it possible for skilled professionals to relocate to Australia and live there without needing the sponsorship of a family member or a government nomination from a state or territory.

Things to do before submitting a visa application

To receive an invitation from the immigration department, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and earn at least 65 points on it.

The EOI awards point based on a variety of criteria, such as:

  • Age 
  • Educational Requirements (Diploma, Degree, or PhD)
  • Work Experience
  • Level of English
  • Single / Partner Skills
  • NAATI Professional Year Accreditation

Note: The completion of a degree, diploma, or trade qualification at an Australian institution of higher learning may also qualify you for an additional five points toward your EOI. To receive those 5 points, however, a few requirements must be satisfied.

The benefits of a Subclass 189 visa

  • Staying in Australia forever.
  • Working and studying in a nation of the highest standards.
  • Accessing Australian healthcare.
  • Having the ability to sponsor family members’ immigration to Australia.
  • Having access to international travel.
  • Submitting a citizenship application when the criteria are met.

How to Apply for Visa Subclass 189? 

Only upon invitation may you apply for a skilled independent visa (subclass 189). Invitees have 60 days from the invitation to submit an application. Using a points-based scoring system, you can evaluate the Expression of Interest (EOI) for the visa subclass 189 and compare it to other applicants. The points are based on English proficiency, age, education, credentials, skills, and employment history. Furthermore, depending on the submission date and other factors, the immigration department may consider applications or rank them. Family members and close friends can also be listed on the application.

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