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Those who are planning to settle in Canada must be thinking about getting a Canadian permanent resident status. Well, in other words, it is referred to as PR, which is a well-sought type of immigration status in Canada. It provides you a legal right in Canada. You should know that with permanent residence, you are legally eligible and authorized to live in the nation and work wherever you wish to in Canada for as long as you want. You can switch office, province, and can later sponsor your partner, spouse, and kids to join you. Although you should know that you don’t have to sponsor them as many programs let you bring your family. Below listed are some of the tips that you may want to consider when applying for Canada PR, or even the express entry program.

  • Identify if you are eligible for the program: Canada, as we all know, provides many immigration programs within its three categories that include economic, refugee & Humanitarian, and Family class. Some programs are even based on points while many are not. You can get help from our Canada Visa Consultants to have a smooth journey when moving to a foreign land. You should know that some programs remain open on an ongoing basis while some don’t. So, have an expert on board to take care of such things.

Canada skilled working visa

  • Consider seeking advice from an expert: Another thing that you might want to consider is to seek assistance from professionals. The process of Canada PR application sure can be daunting but you must understand that having an experienced professional will be of huge help. You can connect with one of our consultants as we are one of the trusted and experienced immigration consultants who can answer all your questions. Not only an expert will explain everything in detail but will take care of a lot of things ensuring a smooth journey.
  • Maintain documents in advance: During PR application for Canada, IRCC asks one to submit some documents. Now, you must know that some of the documents often take many months to obtain, and hence to avoid delay in the process you must keep all documents ready in advance for better and hassle-free submission during your application process.
  • Double-check everything: Some of the Canada PR application is delayed and even gets rejected not because the candidate is ineligible but often because the applicant submitted incorrectly filed documents. It is advised to double or triple check everything before applying the documents and read the instructions to avoid any rejection later.
  • Keep a checklist: You should know that there is no specific checklist when immigrating to Canada but during the course, IRCC provides a checklist based on one’s circumstances and the kind of immigration program an applicant chose. You must follow the checklist accordingly as they are generated based on one’s unique profile.

Now that you know basic information when applying for such a course, you can connect with us. Being one of the best Immigration consultant in Delhi for Canada, we can be of huge help in ensuring a smooth immigration journey.


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