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Canada holds a reputation for being one of the best and friendliest places in the world. Being immigrant-friendly, they are one of the safest places for one to live. Those who wish to understand the advantages of immigrating to Canada or want to immigrate to this beautiful country may want to connect with the top immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada. While most countries have shut their immigration programs since the coronavirus outbreak, Canada has been opening up migration opportunities in 2021. 

A Canadian permanent residency is a program that allows one to immigrate to Canada. You must know that a permanent resident is not a citizen, instead, all permanent residents are citizens of other countries. However, permanent residents are required to meet certain criteria to maintain a permanent residence. 

Here are some basics about a permanent residence that you should know about:


Canada Permanent Residency



Once you obtain your Canada Express Entry Immigration, you have to live by some rules to maintain your status. One of them instructs that you have to be physically present in the country during a certain period of 2 years or 5-year of residency. However, you can hoard up the residency time, if you travel with your spouse out of the country. If you are deployed abroad as a full-time employee of any Canada-based company, you will be required to accumulate residency time.


Once an individual is approved for Canadian permanent residence, they become eligible to apply for the PR card. This reflects the holder’s PR status in the county and can be used for traveling in and out of Canada. The application for a PR card is submitted to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada).


Most PR cards are valid for five years, although occasionally they are authentic for one year. Permanent residents must keep track of their expiration date and are encouraged to renew their Canadian PR card within six months.


If a permanent resident is outside and wishes to enter, they can apply for PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document), if they don’t have a valid PR card. The travel document is only valid for a single entry to the country allowing the permanent residency holder to enter Canada before applying for the PR card.


To maintain permanent resident status in-country, a person is required to meet a certain obligation. This refers to the person’s physical presence in the country for a certain amount of time. Canada’s residency requirements for permanent residents expect a person to stay in the country for at least 730 days.

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