What Are the Bonanzas for Australian Permanent Residency?

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Australia is an exceptional country to settle down and thus attracts immigrants in large numbers from all across the globe. The country of Kangaroos fascinates international skilled workers to migrate and to make their dreams realized. The country offers a wide range of opportunities. Given below are certain bonanzas for Australia Immigration PR.

Benefits of having PR in Australia include


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  • Live in Australia for an indefinite period

The Australian PR allows one to travel in and out of Australia indefinitely. However, if you travel overseas and subside to Australia after your permanent residency expires, you will have to attain a five-year Resident Return Visa to renew your permanent residence.

  • Full working rights

PR further allows you to choose any vocation that you are interested in and are authorised to work with no constraints. However, there are certain exceptions in jobs such as Public service or Armed forces only 

  • Endorsing family members

PR enables you to sponsor your family members for the obtaining of permanent residence but only after you meet the residence assurance pre-requisites.

  • Student loans

The Higher Education Support Act 2003 sanctions permanent visa holders, the right of attaining financial help for their education through the Higher Education Loans Program.

  • Healthcare facility 

Medicare health coverage is made available for PRs which awards cheaper health insurance, free treatment at public hospitals, subsidised medicine, and much more.

  • Social safety

After two years of settling down in Australia as a permanent resident, a master program widely known as Centrelink procures social welfare aids that can be extended to your family.

  • Eligibility for citizenship

Permanent residence may be qualified to apply for citizenship if one has lawfully lived in the country for at least 4 years.

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