How To Classify Which Exam Is Better For You, IELTS or PTE?

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To assist select the high-quality take a look for you, let`s have a take a observe the principle variations among IELTS and PTE.  

If you’re making use of Canadian immigration, you don`t have a desire as IELTS is the handiest examination general for the Canadian immigration carrier process by Canada Visa Consultants. However, in case you are making use of a scholar visa, it’s miles key to recognize the variations among IELTS and PTE and select which you may locate less difficult to clear. 

Comparison of IELTS vs PTE


Can be a paper-primarily based totally or laptop-added take a look at

  • IELTS assessments English talking abilities via face-to-face interplay with an expert, in character
  • IELTS assesses reading, writing, and talking, listening separately
  • IELTS does now no longer have a time restrict consistent with a query, and the take a look at taker can come lower back and accurate a solution
  • IELTS questions are typically lengthy and deep
  • IELTS grades a candidate from Extremely Limited to an Expert. 


Is a computer added check.

  • PTE desires the examination taker to talk right into a microphone for the laptop and specialists to assess later.
  • PTE mixes up reading, writing, listening, and talking via the examination.
  • PTE has closing dates consistent with query and does now no longer permit the take a look at taker to head lower back as soon as a solution is submitted.
  • PTE questions are quick and simpler.
  • PTE additionally grades a candidate as Extremely Limited to Expert. 


Whatever you select because the less difficult alternative for you, exercise is key to success. There are considerable mock assessments online done through Canada pr consultant that you could take for each IELTS and PTE exam. Set time apart each day to get acquainted with questions and take a seat down via the complete quantity of time. 

It is likewise really helpful to study applicable books to enhance vocabulary earlier than trying the examination. Since IELTS and PTE have a spoken English component, report yourself talking in English and examine your mistakes.


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