Know About Easiest Way To Acquire Canada Permanent Residency In 2022

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The applicant’s ability to enter Canada mainly depends on whether or not you meet the criteria. Additionally, it relies on the priorities and objectives you have established for yourself. This blog will explore how to quickly obtain Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). Indeed, there are various other smooth and easy ways to get Canadian PR. You can also contact the best Canada Permanent Residency Visa consultants in Delhi for professional support. 

The government has opened up several immigration options due to Canada’s limited population. They aid foreign nationals in relocating to Canada without difficulty. The government offers the simplest routes for moving to Canada. Today, several opportunities are accessible for educated workers, students, business investors, and entrepreneurs.

Express Entry Program

The Express Entry System has grown tremendously in popularity as a route for immigration. And this is all because of its simple migration procedures. Additionally, it is considered one of the quickest routes for skilled people to immigrate to Canada in less than six months. As a result, people go through this process to get their Canadian PR. 

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

There is a provincial nominee scheme for those unable to achieve the standards for express entry. It is easy to immigrate here with the Canada PNP. Canada gives its provinces the authority to nominate and invite talented workers for immigration depending on the province’s labour market needs and in-demand occupations. There are primarily two methods for obtaining provincial nomination. The applicant can apply directly to the province for selection or use the linked models for Canada Express Entry. Each section has a unique eligibility model. In the Express Entry immigration programme, the candidate is qualified for 600 additional points of province nomination after being qualified.

Study Visa

Canada is popular for its great culture and top-notch educational systems with a broad curriculum and a strong practical focus across all subject areas. As a result, this makes it the most popular method of immigration. A university must accept an applicant for a study visa in Canada, and as part of the application process, they must submit their diplomas and certifications along with a Statement of Purpose for their education, a letter of recommendation, and essays describing their interest in the course.

Visitor Visa

Although it is not a long-term solution, it is one of the simplest for a limited time. The single entry and multiple-entry visitor visas for Canada are available for six months each. There aren’t many requirements for this category’s eligibility; the only ones are that the candidate must be in perfect health, possess a valid passport, and have sufficient funds to support themselves and their family. A visitor’s visa application can also be made online by the candidate.

You can seek the assistance of a competent immigration agent to help you make the best decision now that you know the quickest route to obtaining permanent residency in Canada.

Apart from the above-mentioned easiest way to get Canadian permanent residency, there are other widely popular choices for Canadian immigration. So, if you want to learn more about these visas, get associated with PearVisa today. We are the best immigration consultants who can help you choose the easiest way to get Canada PR. 


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