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Canada is the most preferred country for immigrants, why? Not only is this beautiful nation immigrant-friendly but also offers numerous opportunity to people who wish to become permanent residents. Even in times of crisis, Canada continues to bring more and more permanent residents who are eligible and qualified to become a part of their nation. Since the country is working hard to recover from the impact of the pandemic- coronavirus outbreak, immigration became quite important.

You must know that immigration level plans released before the pandemic took hold in Canada, the federal government announced their aim to welcome more than a million new permanent residents till 2022. While coronavirus recovery seems quite difficult, there are abundant opportunities for one to immigrate to Canada in the future.

What is a Permanent Resident? Let’s understand the basics for those who don’t know, a permanent resident is an individual who has the permit to immigrate to Canada in order to work and live there but is not a Canadian citizen. However, they have rights and freedom but are citizens of other countries. Anyone who is a foreign worker or is here to pursue education is not a permanent resident. If you are planning to obtain permanent residency, it is important for you to connect with one of our best and trusted Immigration Bangalore. But why should one consider moving to Canada or seek permanent residence? Some of the benefits of starting a new life in this country are listed below:

  • Citizens in Canada have a voice and can vote, they will have the freedom to run for office and to take part in political activities.
  • Citizens can apply for high-pay and amazing federal jobs that come with excellent benefits.
  • As a Canadian citizen, one will not be required to choose Canada as their first home country.
  • Becoming a Canadian citizen but choosing to live somewhere else means, you will not be expected to pay Canadian taxes based on the residency.

Let’s discuss the eligibility requirement for you to immigrate to Canada:


canada pr visa


  • An applicant is required to score 67 out of 100 points
  • Score well in the IELTS examination
  • You will also be required to maintain funds in your bank
  • It is important for your occupation to be listed in Canada’s job demand list
  • Submit documents for Language proficiency, education, and more.

What are the documents applicants are required to submit to attain a PR VISA for Canada?

  • Employment/Experience letter
  • Education transcripts
  • IELTS Score
  • Valid and updated passport
  • Authentic proof of identity
  • Medical and police clearance document

If you are planning to move to Canada for a long time, PearVisa can be of huge help. We are the trusted and Immigration Consultant in Bangalore that can offer you legitimate information using their knowledge, experience, and network about visas. Our professionals will provide you with guidance to make the right decision and submit all the documents to acquire the visa hassle-free.

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