Unravelling The Myths About Australia And Australian Immigration

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We live in a digital world where everything can be discovered just by clicking a button. Whether you want to get the latest news updates from around the world or want to book a ticket, we are blessed to be born in a digital age. With all these facilities, what more could we ask for?

Well, although the internet has everything, it is believed that not all information available is true. There comes a situation where you find different information from different sources regarding one topic, and in that case deciding what is true or false becomes difficult. Similarly, such misinformation has also impacted Australia and Australian immigration. There are many online myths about Australian immigration that may seem accurate, but they are just additional false information that has been disseminated without further investigation to support their veracity.

So, it is important to identify and debunk the misconceptions surrounding such delicate topics as immigration and visas by consulting with immigration experts. Also, we’ve outlined some of the most widespread misconceptions about Australian immigration below.

Just Studying In Australia makes you Eligible for Permanent Residency.

This one is one of the most typical myths regarding immigration to Australia. Although it seems alleged, it is not the case. Interested immigrants shouldn’t place a lot of reliance on education, even though it may boost their prospects of obtaining permanent residency in Australia. Although there are still many things to consider when applying for a permanent visa such as employment history, work experience, age, English Language competence, and many more. 

Only people with high levels of skill may immigrate to Australia.

Australia does have a number of immigration policies that give priority to competent workers, but it also values variety. For instance, the General Skilled Migration programme enables people with particular skills to apply for permanent residence. Australia further provides chances for students to live, work, and study there, opening the door to eventual permanent residency. Additionally, there are several other visas available for business owners, investors, and people with special talents, demonstrating Australia’s welcoming immigration policy.

Australia’s immigration policy is “closed-door.” 

Australia does not have a closed-door immigration policy, despite what many people think. The country has a strong tradition of embracing immigrants from around the globe. While maintaining rigorous border controls, the Australian government also provides a number of immigration options for families, students, and skilled workers. Programmes like the Employer Nomination Scheme, Partner visa, and Skilled Independent visa, Australia skilled independent subclass 189, show Australia’s dedication to luring exceptional people and reuniting families.

Australia Recognises Offshore Work

Although having additional talents is a benefit, you must keep in mind that your home country’s work experience may not automatically qualify you for Australian immigration. Immigrants cannot rely on their offshore work to qualify for a permanent visa, contrary to the myth about studying in Australia that was previously highlighted. The country adheres to its own set of criteria. One must rigorously meet these requirements to qualify for immigration to and employment in Australia.

In the End

Apart from the myths mentioned above, if anything else is going on in your mind, get associated with immigration experts at PearVisa to clear your doubts. We are one of the best immigration consultants assisting individuals in studying, working, and settling outside India. Trust us; we only work to fulfil your dreams of moving abroad.


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