A Breakdown Of The 7 Steps In The Canada PR Application

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Canada PR or Canada Permanent Residence refers to a multiple-entry visa allotted to skilled international workers. The visa provides workers with an opportunity to work and settle in Canada for five years or more ( after extending the visa). Here’s all you need to know about the eligibility requirements and application process of a Canada PR application: 

Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Immigration

Every international worker applying for a Canada PR is required to meet the eligibility requirements. When applying for a Canada PR under the express entry system, a candidate is required to have a minimum of 67 points out of 100 to qualify for the same. Evaluation of a profile for a Canada PR takes place on the basis of the following factors:

Age: Although there’s no specific age requirement to apply for a Canadian PR, different programs do give preference to younger applicants by giving them more points.

Proficiency in English Language: A Canadian PR applicant must take the IELTS exam to showcase their ability to adapt and work in Canada. To apply for Permanent Residency in Canada, applicants must score a minimum of CLB 7 in their IELTS exam. Moreover, applicants with a score of CLB 9 in IELTS will have a stronger profile, hence increasing their chances of acquiring work permit approval. 

Education: The applicants are required to possess senior-secondary level education as per the Canadian standards to show eligibility. Candidates with a higher educational level than the required will be granted more points and will get a slight advantage over others.

Work experience: An applicant should have at least one year of work experience (30 hours per week). The years of experience are directly proportional to the chances of approval. 

Adaptability: The ability of an applicant to adapt in Canada can also assist them in winning points. Furthermore, having a spouse or a blood relation in Canada can also make way for extra points for permanent residence. 

Process of Canada PR Application

Step 1: ECA

Every candidate must get an ECA or Educational Credential Assessment as proof to showcase that their foreign education is according to Canadian standards. 

Step 2: Language Expertise Report

When applying for Canada PR, all candidates must submit a language proficiency report with the IELTS score. The report will prove if the English skills of the candidate are at par with CLB 7 or not.

Step 3: Express Entry Application and CRS Score

After the candidate acquires both the documents, they can now move forward to creating a profile in the Express Entry system. After filling out the application form, the candidate will receive a score that acts as a cut-off for application assessment. Having the required CRS score makes the candidate eligible for the Canadian PR Visa.

Step 4: Express Entry Draw

After getting the CRS score, the candidate should wait for the Express Entry Pool Draw, which is held at regular intervals. All applicants who have secured a rank above the one required to get an invitation for PR. 

Step 5: Invitation To Apply (ITA)

If the candidate gets an invitation to apply, they will have approx 60 days to apply for Permanent Residence. 

Step 6: Final PR Application

Now, the candidate must submit their final PR application with the required documents with the assistance of a Canada PR consultant. The authorities plan to process a majority of these applications in a period of six months. If the application gets approved, the candidate will receive PR authorisation. 

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