Canada vs. Australia – Where Should You Build Your Career?

August 20, 2023by admin0

When it comes to foreign education for pursuing professional aspirations, two countries that top the list are Canada and Australia. Due to their strong economies and great working conditions, these countries are often on the minds of students and professionals who aim to build a career abroad. However, one question that also erupts in the mind is: “ Which country is better for professional growth? Canada or Australia?” 

If you are facing a similar situation, then this blog can help you understand which country stands taller on the same grounds. Here, we’ll compare Canada and Australia, focusing specifically on certain factors to help you make a firm decision. Read more to find out.

Skilled Labour

Countries like Canada and Australia have a rising demand for skilled professionals in diverse fields. In Canada, industries including information technology, healthcare, finance and engineering are thriving. Programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program under the Canada Express Entry Immigration system bring in thousands of workers in the country every year. Whereas, in Australia, there is a robust construction industry seeking skilled workers along with sectors such as engineering, healthcare, and information technology. Similar is the case of non-skilled workers; both countries have a strong demand and minimum wage laws to protect the rights of non-skilled workers. 

Job Availability

On job-finding platforms such as Indeed, there is a huge difference between the opportunities and range of Canada and Australia. In 2023, there are around 1,54,000 jobs in Australia as advertised on Indeed, which range from General farmworkers to Nursing assistants. If you plan to immigrate to Australia by applying for Australian visa subclass 190, you must know that it has more white-collar jobs in demand, such as engineers, registered nurses, and IT professionals. Whereas in Canada, you can find greater opportunities and range. The country boasts about 4,00,000 jobs for one platform (Indeed) that range equally from retail job roles to healthcare positions. 

Quality of Life

Both Canada and Australia have extremely low unemployment rates. However, there’s a difference between taxes. While Australia has a tax rate of 45% for the highest income category, Canadians benefit from a tax rate of 29% ( a maximum for top-tier income earners). In terms of educational standards, Canada holds the upper hand. Educational institutions based in Canada are less expensive than schools, colleges, and universities in Australia. 

Work permit

When it comes to skilled worker visas, it is significantly harder for people to get a work permit in Australia. Not only will working in Canada be easier but you will also be protected by rights and privileges.

In conclusion, both Canada and Australia have their perks when it comes to building a career. It is now up to you to make a decision and get going. However, no matter which country you choose, we at PearVisa can assist with Canada and Australia. So, if you are looking forward to Australia or Canada Express entry immigration, get in touch with our team today. We offer unparalleled assistance to all our customers alike.


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