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Wanting to immigrate to Canada? Looking for the right guidance and information? Well, yes right before the process begins we are all hustled and baffled about how it will be handled. Here is all you need to know about immigrating to Canada, a country that attracts a wide number of immigrants from across the globe.

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  • Express Entry

Enter as a skilled worker in Canada with ease and comfort.

  • Family sponsorship

Fund your family members including your spouse, partner, children, parents, grandparents, and others to immigrate to the country and live with you.

  • Provincial nominees

Enter by being designated by a Canadian province to be in the country.

  • Quebec-selected skilled workers

Immigrate as a skilled worker in the province of Quebec which is specific to your qualification and suitability

  • Caregivers

Immigrate for delivering care for children, the aged or those with medical special needs, or work as a live-in caretaker

  • Start-up Visa

Immigrate by commencing a business and establishing jobs

  • Self-employed

Immigrate as a self-employed individual in cultural or competitive activities

  • Rural and Northern Pilot

Elegant Canadian populations funding their local economy through immigration. 

  • Health-care workers

Immigrate with a new application process by functioning in the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Momentary resident to permanent resident

The temporary resident to permanent resident is limited-time to permanent residence. It is for specific temporary residents who are currently working in Canada and their households.

  • Refugees

Immigrate as a refugee or become a supporter to enter the nation.

These are some amongst many ways to reach the country. 

Basic requirements to immigrate to the country 

One must hold at least a year’s experience, in the last ten years before submitting an electronic application for permanent residence, of continuous full-time work experience in a skilled occupation.

Language ability

You must exhibit that you meet or surpass the language gate of the Canadian Language Benchmark with test results from an IRCC-designated language testing association.


You must procure either a Canadian educational credential or a foreign educational certification with an Educational Credential Assessment report for immigration to prove that your degree is the same as a completed Canadian educational credential. 

If you are perplexed looking at the process and the related complication and need assistance then do not worry because the top immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada are all prepared to assist you and help you sail through.

The best immigration consultants in Bangalore for Canada assign a team of highly skilled and competent professionals who are experienced and have knowledge about the immigration policies of Canada and are assigned to assist you at every step. They work their heart out to ensure that you reach your dream country with ease.

So if it is about immigration to Canada then do not think twice and quickly reach the best pr immigration consultants who offer services that are cost-effective and reliable.


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