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There are countless options under which you can apply and fly to your desired destination, but you need to know the exact value of every program and for that, you have to apply. Many migrate to Australia for different purposes because the Australia PR process involves different categories of migration that can help migrants to choose and apply under a specific category. But before that one should always be aware of all the categories and guidelines that are stated under each category, and for that, you need to know a little bit about the same.

Given below are some of the important categories of migration that you should know about:


Australian PR Visas

  • Skilled Migration Visas are the visas that are used to apply for the migrants that are skilled in their work and use it to apply in their jobs.
  • Business migration is the migration category in which the applicant has a settled business or wants to start up a new business abroad can apply and have all the possible documents and proof to start their business.
  • Family migration visas are such visas that offer you a visa if you join your travel with a spouse, parents, or relatives of the family. The visa applied is under the family category.
  • If you are a refugee migrant or looking for humanitarian visa aspects then you can apply under this visa by the name refugee and humanitarian migration visas.

 There are some perquisites of applying for migration to Australia and if you are flying from India then you can hire some best Australia Visa Consultants in Delhi that can embrace you with the best knowledge of Visa and help you to apply in every migration category that is mentioned above.

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