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Moving abroad is a daunting task in itself. There are varying parameters that one must consider while making the move. One of the most essential parameters is finding yourself an immigration representative. There are numerous immigration consultant in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore but which of them is the best? Which out of the thousands of immigration consultants will be worth your time and money? This blog is here to give you the peace of mind you might be looking for.

Here are some of the parameters which you must consider if you are searching for an immigration consultant:


Immigration Consultant in Bangalore


  • The consultant must be an authorized consultant. For example, if you are moving to Canada, you should be looking for a consultant that has been authorized by the Canadian Government. 
  • The consultant should provide wide-ranging immigration solutions. Some immigration consultants focus only on providing study visas while others focus on tourist visas. Their experience is limited and they cannot provide assistance to you in varying immigration processes. This is why you need to associate with an immigration consultancy that offers a wide range of immigration solutions. 
  • They should know the job market of the country they are authorized for. If you are migrating for a job, they will assess your previous as well as current job titles and compare them to the occupational standards in the country you are willing to move to. Whether your professional title matches with any of the occupational titles in the foreign country or not and which of the job arenas should you apply in if you don’t find the right scope for your occupation. 
  • The immigration consultant in Bangalore that you are associating with should know about all the latest trends and updates in the immigration laws and processes of all the major countries. 
  • The consultancy must have a team of consultants who can extend support to clients at all times. Having a team also increases their chances of getting success and minimizing challenges during immigration. 

Additional Tips to Protect Yourself from Immigration Fraud 

  • Beware of those immigration representatives who sound extremely well and their language is suspicious because of their high promises. 
  • Do not sign on forms or blank pieces of paper. Never sign on to any application form that has not been filled yet. If you are not sure about what is written in the application form or any other kind of form, ask them to translate it for you. 
  • Steer clear from any immigration representative who encourages using false information. This can cause the rejection of your application. 
  • Make sure that your representative keeps you in the loop and keeps you updating with all the information and updates about your application 

If you are searching for an immigration consultant in Delhimake sure to consider the above-mentioned parameters before you finalize your immigration consultant. 

PearVisa is a leading immigration consultancy offering a wide range of immigration services. Visit the website if you are thinking of making a move and are looking for professionally competent immigration consultants.


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