Comparing Success Rates: Immigration Consultants Vs Individual Visa Applications

February 12, 2023by admin0

A lot of aspirants, when considering their options to study abroad, tend to apply for a visa on their own and save on the consultancy charges. Of course, a student is free to apply on their own since everything is available on the internet these days. However, at the same time, there are very few cases where the efforts actually pay off, and the rest have to suffer in disappointment when their applications get rejected.

Applying to a university abroad and filing a flawless visa application requires one to put in time and effort and have immense patience. This is because an ideal time to start preparing for applying is anywhere between 8-10 months. It can take an average of a year of a candidate’s life to research their course of fields, get admission to universities, get Visa approval, and get an education loan. Thereby, it becomes mandatory to do proper planning and preparation before getting started.

Study abroad or immigration consultants can play a key role in managing everything for a student and making it all an easy breeze. Below we have discussed some perks of taking assistance from consultants over filing a visa application on your own:

Updates and Market Insights: Study abroad consultants stay updated on industry trends and the latest market insights regarding the best universities, counties, application procedures, and legal formalities. Therefore they are able to handle everything that comes our way without any hassle. On the other hand, staying updated with the market trends, rules, and regulations, and the entire visa application process is more challenging. 

Follow-ups and time management: At each point of the application process, you can check in with the consultants to obtain an update on your previous step. This will help you determine what to do next, which will ultimately save you time. You can receive updates on everything you have done and still need to do during the application process, from selecting your ideal college to booking your flight tickets to the nation. In the case of a self-application, even after submitting the application, there is no one you can contact for an update on your status.

Eligibility and shortlisting: While selecting a course, college, or nation, eligibility is crucial. So, knowing your profile is more important than personal preferences because it aids in university shortlisting. The immigration consultants have connections with numerous reputable universities that will take your profile into consideration even if you don’t fulfill their eligibility requirements, which is necessary to keep a positive relationship in the market.

References: You are more likely to be misled by the references you have, such as your friends, relatives, seniors, etc., even if you connect with people on your own. They would be willing to share their opinions or experiences with you, but they would only speak to matters related to a particular subject or line of expertise. It is preferable to speak with industry specialists rather than relying solely on outside assistance to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the possibilities available. An immigration consultant in Delhi can put you in touch with several students who are already enrolled in the nation and college of your choosing. They may also assist you in discovering a wide range of excellent universities that provide the programs of your choosing for lower tuition costs and even better industrial exposure.

Now that you have read the blog, we hope you have a clear picture of why you must hire consultants to file a visa application instead of doing it on your own. So if you are looking forward to connecting with an immigration consultant in Delhi, we at PearVisa can assist. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants who are ready to assist you in all ways possible.


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