Points Required For Australian PR Visa In 2023

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Australia has long been a sought-after destination for people looking to relocate because of its high standard of living, serenity, and diversity of cultures. People who are not Australian citizens can obtain a permanent resident visa. A person who is granted permanent residency in Australia can remain there indefinitely. Family visas and skilled worker visas are the two categories of PR visas that are granted to foreign nationals most frequently. An Australian PR visa is valid for five years. After four years of formal employment, a person can become an Australian citizen.

Benefits of obtaining Australia Immigration PR

There are an array of benefits provided by the government to individuals who wish to immigrate to Australia and get a PR visa. These benefits include: 

  • Individuals with Australian PR have the freedom to study any course they prefer
  • PR holders can avail of free education and government health insurance in Australia.
  • People with Australian PR are allowed to sponsor their family members for immigration to the country which can either be temporary or permanent.
  • Australian PR holders have the privilege of enjoying the benefits of social security.
  • Australia PR holders have the right to work for any profession under any employer.
  • Individuals with PR visas are also eligible for Australian citizenship if they meet the required criteria.

Points required to apply for a PR in Australia

Individuals who are willing to immigrate to Australia by meeting the required eligibility criteria for a PR visa have to score at least 65 points under the Points Grid.

So to be eligible for Australia immigration PR, an applicant must:

  • Score a minimum of 65 points or higher 
  • Get an ITA, i.e. Invitation to Apply
  • Have their job listed on the Australian Skilled Occupation List
  • Possess suitable skills assessment for the job they wish to apply for

How to calculate your Australia PR score?

You require an immigration point calculator to calculate your Australia PR score. With the help of an immigration agency, you can know updated and accurate points on an immigration calculator before you apply for an Australian PR. With the help of this calculator, you can get an idea of your eligibility for Australian PR.

You can move forward based on the results, or you can follow the essential steps with the aid of an experienced consultant.

Tips to improve your Australia PR score

The applicants can increase their Australian PR points in a few popular categories. Read to know more:

  • Improve your language skills by re-taking the language proficiency test before the application deadline and achieving a maximum of 20 points.
  • Get valuable job experience in the nominated skilled profession or one that is similar. You can get an extra 5 points if you have at least one more year of job experience. An employee with experience may receive up to 20 points.
  • International students who study in Australia, which is related to the Australia Skilled Occupation list, can apply for the Post-study Work program. With this program, students can stay and work in this country for 2-4 years. Furthermore, it is recommended to take a vocational course recognised by the Australian government as it adds value to the student’s educational qualification. 
  • Age is another important area where applicants can gain points to obtain their Australia PR. People between the age of 25-32 score the highest points. At the same time, individuals with age 45 or above do not get any points.
  • If an individual is nominated by a state or territorial government for a skilled visa will be granted extra 5 points. In addition, international students who will study in a regional area of Australia will get additional 5 points.

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