Everything About Australian Visa Subclass 189

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The Australian study visa category 189 is a permanent residence visa for highly skilled individuals. It allows successful candidates to permanently live and work anywhere in the country without any sponsorship. The Australian visa subclass 189 programme also enables visa holders to sponsor their family members. However, in this case, the most important factor is the applicants’ qualifications.

Although it is an invitation-only visa, those with it can sponsor family members, sign up for Medicare, apply for citizenship, and travel inside and beyond the country for five years after receiving it. A partner/spouse, dependent member, and relative can be listed on the application.

Australia Visa Subclass 189 Benefits:

The following advantages are associated with the Australia visa category 189:

  • Successful candidates may live and work in Australia permanently.
  • They can be eligible to take benefits of the Medicare programme.
  • Children can pursue both primary and secondary schooling.
  • They may also submit a citizenship application.
  • They can also apply for permanent residence on behalf of their family members, dependents, and relatives.

How it Works: Process for Subclass 189 Visa Applications

The Australian visa subclass 189 is available for applicants both inside and outside of Australia. It involves two steps. You must first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill-Select. You will be allowed to apply for the visa if that is successful.

The application process for a visa consists of 4 parts. Let’s examine them in detail:

Step 1: An authorised body must officially evaluate the occupation you want to work per the field before it can be validated. The decision-making process by the assessing authority can take up to three months.

Step 2: You must submit the Expression of Interest to the Department of Home Affairs to apply for the visa following a favourable assessment authority decision.

Step 3: You must pay the visa cost, submit your paperwork, and undergo police and medical checks after receiving the Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Step 4: You must make your first entry after getting the letter.

Requirements for Visa Subclass 189:

The requirements for the visa subclass 189 are shown below.

  • Candidates should submit their EOIs with an IELTS score of 6 or higher.
  • They should correspond to character-related requirements.
  • The profession/occupation needs to be included in the subclass 189 occupations.
  • With 65 passing scores on the Skilled Migration points testing, they should pass the Skills Assessment tests.
  • Any medical condition or illness that requires ongoing assistance from the government and the local community should be disclosed in the application.

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