How To Get Australian Immigration PR In 2022?

October 16, 2022by admin0

Visas and migration can occasionally appear challenging and daunting. However, isn’t it why we are here? Everything you need to know about Australia’s General Skilled Migration Program will be covered in this blog post.

  1. Check your eligibility- You must first determine which occupation, as specified by Australian Immigration, you fit under and which list this occupation is on. Make sure your profession is included on the list that corresponds to the visa for which you intend to apply because there are various lists for each of the aforementioned visas. You cannot apply for a General Skilled Migration Visa if your profession is not listed on any of the lists for the three visas.
  2. Skills Assessment-Finding out if you would receive a positive Skills Assessment from the organisation that evaluates your occupation—also referred to as your “career validation or recognition”—is the second stage in obtaining Australia Immigration PR. Additionally, each Authority has its own criteria for approving your skills evaluation, such as a specific level of English proficiency, job experience, and qualifications. Therefore, it is essential that you get familiar with the requirements of the skills assessment authority for your industry before you even begin to think about applying for a visa and investing time and money in this endeavour.
  3. Points Test- Since the three skilled migration visas we mentioned (189, 190, and 491) are point-tested visas, you will have to satisfy certain requirements and acquire points for each category. The Department of Home Affairs can use this method to identify candidates who possess the qualities and talents they are seeking and to make a decision. In order to file an Expression of Interest for one of those three visas, you must have a minimum of 65 points.
  4. English Test- Anyone applying for one of these visas and seeking permanent residency in Australia must provide evidence of competency in the English language. IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, and PTE are accepted by Australian Immigration.
  5. Apply-Applying for a visa-Making and submitting a visa application is the next stage in obtaining a permanent visa for Australia after receiving an invitation from SkillSelect. The moment to back up anything you said throughout the points test stage and Expression of Interest is at that point.

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