Life-Changing Advantages Of Australia PR You Can’t Afford To Miss!

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Australia has earned a merited distinction for being among the most desirable and livable nations worldwide because of its impressive human development index and exceptional quality of life. The nation provides ample prospects for personal and professional growth thanks to its robust healthcare system, top-notch educational institutions, breathtaking landscapes, and weather conditions. Unsurprisingly, many people are taking assistance from Australia PR consultants because of the country’s growing popularity among immigrants and skilled labourers who seek to reside in one of the most culturally diverse and progressive societies worldwide.

If you also wonder what could be the possible advantages of permanent residency status in Australia that you can’t afford to miss, this blog is for you. Here’s the list of life-changing advantages of Australia PR.

The right to live in Australia indefinitely

Securing Australian permanent residency enables you to stay in the nation indefinitely since the initial 5-year grant period can be extended limitlessly. Even if you are outside the country and your 5-year grant period has lapsed, you can still reapply for and re-enter using a resident return visa to renew your permanent residency.

Sponsor family members

Being a permanent resident of Australia grants you the ability to sponsor family members for certain visa types or even for permanent residency. However, eligibility for sponsorship may depend on fulfilling specific residence and income prerequisites, so it is imperative to confirm your eligibility with the help of an immigration consultant in Bangalore before sponsoring anyone.

Enrol in Medicare

When you submit your permanent visa application, you become eligible to register for Medicare, which offers comprehensive health coverage. Through Medicare, you can obtain free treatment at public hospitals, access to subsidised services and medication, less health insurance costs, and the convenience of bulk billing.

Pathway to citizenship

Obtaining permanent residency in Australia is a convenient pathway towards gaining Australian citizenship. This pathway is available to individuals who have lived in Australia for a minimum of four years, with at least one year spent as a permanent resident. The benefits of obtaining citizenship goes beyond those of permanent residency, encompassing the ability to vote, travel easily, access government and defence-related occupations, exemption from deportation, and owning one of the world’s strongest passports. The Australian passport facilitates visa-free travel to approximately 181 countries globally, positioning it among the most potent passports in the world.

Higher education student loans

As opposed to temporary visa holders and international students, permanent residents have the privilege of applying for financial aid through the Higher Education Loans Program (HELP), which enables eligible students studying in public universities to obtain a loan for their tuition fees. 

Citizenship for children

Offspring born to permanent residents will automatically acquire Australian citizenship by birth, granting them immediate access to all the aforementioned benefits.

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