March 25, 2023

Australia has earned a merited distinction for being among the most desirable and livable nations worldwide because of its impressive human development index and exceptional quality of life. The nation provides ample prospects for personal and professional growth thanks to its robust healthcare system, top-notch educational institutions, breathtaking landscapes, and weather conditions. Unsurprisingly, many people...

January 26, 2023

Australia has long been a sought-after destination for people looking to relocate because of its high standard of living, serenity, and diversity of cultures. People who are not Australian citizens can obtain a permanent resident visa. A person who is granted permanent residency in Australia can remain there indefinitely. Family visas and skilled worker visas...

December 15, 2020

What Makes Pearvisa The Best Australian Immigration Consultants for Australia Australia is a remarkable and diverse nation in every respect-ethnic, economic, climate, geographical, and historical. Australia is multi-cultural and multi-racial and represents the tradition of country food, lifestyle, and history. In the cultural landscape of its aborigines, Australia has a very important heritage. Australia has...

Looking for Australia PR Consultants in Bangalore for Your Immigration?

Choosing Australia as your destination to migrate and settle there is a good decision because the country is well developed with a growing economy. There are enough opportunities for skilled people in this multi-cultural society as long as you have the right skill set and professional experience.

Even though you can read and learn everything from the internet about the Immigration Procedures related to the Australia PR it would be smart decision to approach the Australia PR consultants so that you get the right guidance from their expertise and experience so that you can successfully migrate to Australia.

1. Who is the best immigration consultant in Bangalore for Australia PR visa processing?

We have more than 95% of Success Rate when it comes to Australia PR visa processing. So we can proudly inform you that we are the best immigration consultant in Bangalore 

2. PearVisa is Not Just A Typical Visa Consultant But An Experienced Immigration Partner

Here at PearVisa Immigration Consultants, we have a team of enthusiastic counselors and case officers who are not just experienced but trained to serve you better. Our company is famous for its amazing traits such as;

  • Welcoming every question that an immigrant might have and answer them with the right information clearing all their doubts.
  • Handling everything such as document or application submissions on-time until the procedure ends and updating you about the same regularly.
  • Transparent and honest policies with the only goal to help you in the right way. We charge you only as per your requirements nothing more than that.
  • Our staff is well aware of the guidelines of the Department Of Immigration And Border Protection. So all the services provided at our company adhere to rules and regulations.
  • Collecting honest feedback about our services so that we can improve and provide tailored services as per the requirements of the people.
  • We are available to contact through various channels like phone, email, etc and we have our office in a centric location so it would be easy for you to contact in your comfortable way.

3. How We Can Help You With Your Immigration As One Of The Best Australia PR Consultants in Bangalore?

We strive to meet your expectations and help you overcome any kind of challenges that you might face in the process of migration to Australia. We provide customized services depending on your profile because every individual would have different skillsets or occupations so that you would get your PR visa approval easily scoring a good number of points in the Australian Skill Select Profile.

Our counselors would organize good sessions so that can increase your skillset so that you can easily qualify in the skill and language tests where you should qualify in order to get your visa approval. We also provide job assistance so that you can get a Professional Job along with the visa processing assistance.

We offer support for multiple Australian Visa Programs like skilled worker PR visas, Temporary Visa, and other visas that have different subclasses. We help you choose the appropriate visa program depending on your personal profile, purpose to visit that country, etc so that you get the right visa as per your requirements.

4. Why Hire A Good Immigration Consultant Like Us?

Hiring a good immigration consultant helps you avoid any kind of mistakes that might delay your immigration approval even if you have all the eligibility criteria. Consultants ensure that you are doing everything in the right way so that there would be no delays and get your visa approval fast.

Some important aspects where a consultant can help you are;


Every visa procedure requires a lot of documents that should be submitted at different stages of visa processing. Consultants can help you providing the checklists of documents required and at what stage they should be submitted so that you would clearly know by when you have to get them ready in the specified formats.

Additionally, we would remind you regularly and ensure that every document required is submitted to the authorities on-time as they specify.

Follow The Latest Immigration Rules:

Immigration rules are changed from time-to-time and you need to be aware of them which is difficult for you. But we keep track of updates and ensure that all our services provided are on par with the latest immigration rules and regulations so that you can get approvals easily. This is the major advantage of hiring good Immigration consultants like us.

Application Submissions:

To apply for a visa there are various forms to fill that might seem complicated especially if you have no idea about the visa procedures and terminology. Even though all fields in the forms are not mandatory, but making a mistake while filling them might make things complicated for your visa approval.

Being immigration consultants we ensure that no mistakes are made during the application submissions so that there is no issue is raised that might become a hurdle to get your visa approval.

Handling Skill Select:

Skill select is where you have to create a profile and update with all the latest personal information regularly to score higher points for faster approvals. But it not that easy for an individual to handle or update the things on the profile unless you have good experience in using it. So we handle it on your behalf so that you need to spend time learning it.

5. What Things Do We Look At When You Approach Us To Process Your Australian Visa?

There are different visa programs that one can opt for depending on the personal profile for migrating to Australia.However, there are some primary things that we look at when you approach us to process your visa application like;

  • Age

You should have an age fewer than 45 years

  • Educational Qualification

You should have a degree from a globally accredited institute)

  • Job Experience

More than 2 years is the minimum experience required and your occupation should be present in the occupation list

  • IELTS score

You Should Have At least 6 Bands

  • Criminal Record

You shouldn’t have any kind of criminal record and a police clearance is required

  • Points Scored in the Australian PR Calculator

You Must Score at least 65 points

  • Physical and Mental fitness

Every case is different so when you book an appointment with our counselor for a free counseling session, they would clearly explain the entire immigration procedure and answer your questions irrespective of how many you would have. We believe in honesty so we would clearly set the right expectations and try our best to deliver the things promised.

6. How Much Time Does It Take For Processing Of Australian Visa?

Australian Visa processing time depends on different factors like

  • What Type of Visa Subclass you have selected?
  • How Many Points Scored in the PR visa points system?
  • How Correctly Your Application Gets Filled?
  • How Much Demand is Present For Your Skills and Occupation In Australia?
  • How Much Early your Background Checks are done?
  • How Busy is the Schedule of Immigration officers?

Depending on the above factors it might take from months to years to get your PR visa application approved from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. However, here at Pear Visa, we try to get your application approved as early as possible.

We fill the application forms correctly without making any mistakes and regularly follow up with immigration officers for updates. We provide the preparation support for IELTS so that you can score higher in the language test.

7. How You Can Migrate To Australia With Your Family Members approaching Pear Visa?

If you want to migrate to Australia then as Australia PR consultants in Bangalore we could help you with that as we have the experts who can guide you about the family immigration process in detail.

Even though you want to migrate with your loved ones, you can be accompanied by your spouse or partner (you must be living together for atleast 1 year)and children below 22 years of age (No age restrictions if they are physically or mentally challenged). However, the case and requirements would be different if you are planning to migrate with a newborn.

Parents or Grandparents won’t be allowed to travel along with you for the first time. However, there are different programs through which you can sponsor them to take them to Australia. Our Immigration specialists shall guide you about the requirements and how you can take them to Australia depending on the family member.

8. How You Can Get Your Permanent Residency Approval In Easy Steps Approaching Pear Visa?

Migrating from Bangalore to Australia can be made easy approaching Pear Visa, leading Australia PR consultants in Bangalore. There are various steps that you need to follow to get your PR visa approval such as obtaining a good score in the language test, getting the documentation ready , etc.

Let me share with you how we can help you follow those easily

  • Providing the preparation support for the IELTS exam and helping you in getting the skill assessment done.
  • Helping you choose the most relevant occupation from the Skilled Occupation List provided by the Immigration authorities.
  • Helping you Lodge the Expression Of Interest through submission of the Skill Select Profile.
  • Helping you apply for the PR visa once you get the Invitation To Apply(ITA).
  • Providing Post Immigration services that can help you settle in Australia easily

9. Pear Visa - Best Australia PR Visa Consultants in Bangalore

Irrespective of the reason why you want to migrate to Australia, we can help you obtain any kind of Australian Visa either Temporary or Permanent Visa depending on your case. Having good experience and high success rates in visa processing we have experienced Counselors and Staff who can guide you in the right way following the procedures systematically as per the guidelines of Immigration authorities.

So make sure to book an appointment for our free counseling session irrespective of who you are and we help you fulfill your dream as early as possible.

If you have any questions or looking for more details please contact us by writing an email to