Reasons Why Indian Immigration to Canada Has Increased in Past Years

June 11, 2021by admin0

Under the strict upholding of Donald Trump, the Canadian immigration policies have become strict since 2016, and students, scientists, and Indian individuals working in their respective fields have increased alertness to apply for permanent residence in Canada, and to fly from India to Canada you can find some expert Immigration Consultant in Delhi who can help you in finding a permanent residency visa help in Canada. Many people and working experience professionals have found that Canada is best for them to grow professionally and live peacefully by attaining the rightful permanent residence in that country. The previous governmental strict laws have set a bound on the immigration procedures to Canada so many Indian and non-Indian individuals living in Canada for different purposes have increased an application for permanent residence in Canada and by seeing this there have been an increase of almost 40 percent in PR visa application by Indian individuals residing in Canada, as they now have been aware that the new policies are adamant and to get a permanent residence in Canada is necessary if they are looking to continue their purpose of living in that country. There are some reasons listed, below which explains that why you should have a Permanent residency in Canada:

  • By having a Canadian PR, you are eligible to have all social benefits and also the health benefits and claims in the country
  • You can live, work or study in Canada anywhere
  • You can apply for Canadian citizenship anytime by having a PR for Canada
  • You can avail all the Canadian law protection and all the Canadian rights and freedom
  • You have an access to all the health and financial benefits provided by the Canadian government.


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A Canadian permanent residency visa can grant you access to almost all credits and benefits provided in the country for the normal citizen and after having a Canadian PR you can also enjoy the same traits. By having a permanent residency in Canada, it is your valid proof to show in any embassy, if you travel out of Canada or any other country, it is loyal proof that you are a permanent citizen of Canada and you have all the basic rights like every Canadian citizen have, for that you need to carry your PR details with you while traveling.

PearVisa is a visa and immigration Bangalore expert consultant firm in India that also offers Canada PR Consultants in Bangalore because every year many students fly from Bangalore to Canada for pursuing college and jobs in Canada. So, they eventually need an expert Canada PR consultant in Bangalore, that helps them to conquer all the visa and immigration challenges at ease. PearVisa offers reliable and genuine visa information and personalized consultation to its customers and also helps them to apply for their desired PR category. If you are looking to immigrate to Canada, you can contact and hire PearVisa services to solve your problems which are related to your Canadian PR visa.


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