Important Things to Acknowledge Before Returning to Australia

June 7, 2021by admin0

Since the outbreak, things are coming back to normal travel restrictions and policies are a bit complex. Returning to Australia from abroad is still puzzling, only a certain number of passengers can come into Australia from overseas. The government is working to help as many people as possible to come back home but it still is challenging. Those who are overseas wishing to come back home may have to deal with some delay in their travel. In case you are traveling to Australia, it is important for one to provide authentic evidence of a negative covid-19 report (PCR) to the airline facilities during your check-in process at the departure point. You need to get tested 72 hours or prior to the scheduled flight, also if any of your close contact of the traveling group tests positive, you should know that you will not be allowed to travel. It is mandatory for one to wear the mask on all flights and even at the airport.

  • Keep in mind that even if you have a negative test result, once you enter Australia, it is mandatory for you to complete 14-day quarantine at the designated facilities.
  • Those who are scheduled to fly to Australia in the coming weeks, kindly confirm the itinerary and travel plans with the travel agent or even the airline.
  • In case you are transitioning via a third country, it is important for you to check the local requirements at the destinations and confirm with the airline.

Pear Visa has a team of the immigration consultant in Bangalore who can be of huge help in ensuring a smooth journey. You all know that commercial flights have resumed from India to Australia however, you will be required to undertake an antigen test before boarding the flight in addition to the Covid-19 (PCR) test before traveling to Australia. To gain in-depth information, connect with one of our experts to understand properly.


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Movement Pass: For those who have booked a ticket to travel to Australia, you no longer need to get a movement pass from the government to travel to the city from where the flight is departing. However, you need to get in touch with the state government you need to pass via to confirm what needs they might have and comply.

Quarantine Period: All those traveling to Australia will be needed to complete 14-day quarantine after arrival. You then will be directed to a facility such as a hotel or home on arrival in Australia and before you complete any onward travel, stay for two weeks. Don’t worry, the Australian government will provide accommodation with water and food, ad medical support.

There are certain changes in the visa policy that ensures that international students are not worse off because of the pandemic and the country remains competitive.

For all those planning to move or return to this beautiful country, connecting with Pear Visa will help you experience a smooth journey. We have a team of Australia Visa Consultants in Delhi that are experienced, certified, and highly trained in dealing with immigration-related jobs.


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