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Canada has emerged to be among the top 10 viable economies of the world. There is no doubt it has attracted a variable number of migrants from all parts of the world. Numerous job opportunities, an advanced health care system, and a great work-life balance call for deciding to immigrate to Canada. A plethora of reasons why a skilled person should apply for a permanent residency visa through express entry! 

To apply for express entry selection and check your availability, you should take expert guidance. An Immigrant consultant in Bangalore will cater to all your migration needs and help you go through the eligibility test. 

If you are a skilled worker willing to immigrate to Canada through express entry selection, you are required to file a plea. Getting yourself associated with us for Canada Express Entry Immigration will help you through the selection system for immigration to Canada. The Federal Skilled Workers Program ( FSWP) gives the freedom to study and travel anywhere in Canada. A consultant is a professional assistant who will guide you with the details and help you apply.

Here are some basic guidelines and criteria one should be aware of before applying under the Federal Skilled Workers Program-

  • Only those whose employment falls under the ‘Skilled Occupation List (SOL) are eligible.
  • You need to score at least 67 marks out of 100 on the point-based test.

The Canadian Immigration Authorities only give a thumbs up to those Canada Federal Skilled Worker applications who meet the following terms:

  • The applicant needs at least one year of continuous, paid work experience through a single job in the recent ten years.
  • They should be skill type 0(managerial occupations), A(professional occupations )or B( technical occupations; and skilled trades) of Canada’s National Occupational Classification (2011). The type of work experience and the amount are also taken into consideration.

Immigration consultants in Bangalore will provide you the best assistance on the above-listed occupations and guide you accordingly.

Some other conditions

Apart from the above-mentioned conditions, There are six selection factors based on which application forms are processed. If an applicant meets all the conditions, only then their application is processed further.

  1. Education.
  2. Work experience.
  3. Adaptability to the environment.
  4. You should be proficient in English/ French and Canada’s two official speeches. Candidates have to achieve the minimum language requirement as set by Canadian Language Benchmark.
  5. Whether you have organized employment in Canada i.e the maple syrup land.

For Delhiites who wish to seek Permanent residency in Canada and are looking for migration, process formalities can get in touch with the best Canada PR Consultants in Delhi. Skilled professionals provide authentic knowledge and Canadian authorities only accept 1000 applications per employment in 25000 caps, as done last year. The Canada express entry consultant will help you check your eligibility as per the norms.

The team at Pearvisa is a team of extensively skilled professionals here to serve the clients and make their migration experience memorable, easy, and hassle-free. We excel in assisting in the immigration process to our clients through our finest skills.

 To reach out to us, mail at info@pearvisa.com


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