How Easy Is It to Get The Australia PR For An Indian Citizen?

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If you’re thinking of moving permanently to another country, Australia is a great choice for you. Australia is an exceptional nation to live in.
Rated by the United Nations as the second-best country in the world for its quality of life, safety, medical facilities, the environment, multi-culture communities, global exposure are some of the reasons why Australia relentlessly draws international skilled workers and students to migrate and make their dreams come true.
Australia is a top destination for immigrants, and there is a great deal of demand for qualified professionals who can make a meaningful contribution to the Australian economy.
There are many sub-categories of visas under the Australian immigration scheme, from which immigration applicants can select and apply the best which suits them.
You may also seek the assistance of, Australian Immigration Consultants for smooth processing and easy acquisition of the visa.

What is the easiest way to get PR in Australia?

The Australian Government provides 30+ visa categories for Indians to obtain a PR visa.
These categories are designed specifically for different applicants.
On the basis of the criteria, an Indian citizen may apply for faster approval for any of the following categories:

Subclass 189 – Skilled Independent Visa

The first step towards applying for a Australian visa subclass 189 is to apply via Skill Select to demonstrate an Expression of Interest. An expression of interest may be submitted either from within or outside Australia.
Based on the details contained in those Expressions of Interest, Australia will invite suitable candidates to apply.
The Australia PR applicants must have experience in a nominated occupation in Australia’s Qualified Occupations List, in order to be invited in this way.
In addition, the applicant must also submit a qualification evaluation report for that occupation from the appointed authority.

Subclass 190 – Skilled State-Sponsored Visa

Applicants nominated by an Australian state or territory are eligible to apply for this visa.
The benefits of these visa holders are close to those of the independent eligible visa (Subclass 189).
The application criteria are also the same, with the exception of getting experience in a nominated career on Australia’s Professional Occupations List.

Subclass 491 – Skilled Regional(Provisional) Visa

This visa is a replacement for Australian visa subclass 489. It allows eligible workers and their families to live, work, and study in the designated regions of Australia for five years.
You can also apply for a PR visa after three years. The eligibility requirements are the same as other skilled nomination programs.
Before selecting the right program for you, you must check if you can meet the eligibility criteria of a specific program and consider the one that meets your requirements among the different professional migration programs.

Global Talent Visa

The Global Talent Independent Visa Program was initiated by the Government of Australia to solve the scarcity of technically skilled workers in Australia.
The program aims to attract skilled technical workers to the country and promote creativity in the country’s future-oriented industries.
Australia aims to extend the Global Talent Visa by providing a permanent residency option so that talented tech workers can settle in the country and contribute to the development of the country’s economy.

Employer-Sponsored Migration Program

Australia has allocated almost 30,000 spots to the Employer-sponsored Migration Program and the chances of securing an Australian visa via this program are high.
The program is intended to counter the lack of skilled labor in the Australian labor market.
The program matches vacancies with migrants who have the required skills and experience.

Advantages of getting a PR visa in Australia

There are various benefits of obtaining a Australia Immigration PR, we have listed some of them here for you:
You can live indefinitely in any part of Australia and can travel in and out of the country freely as many times you want if you have a PR visa. However, the validity period of PR is 5 years and it is to be renewed before the date of expiry if not renewed you can travel outside the country or get inside without a five-year RRV (Return Resident Visa).
Once you acquire the Permanent Resident status there is no restriction on working. You get the right to work anywhere in the country in your field of interest. Although you cannot enter into the field of government and military as they are only for the citizens.
After 2 years of settlement in Australia, you can freely sponsor your family for the acquisition of permanent residence.
Easier access to personal loans, home loans, vehicle loans, credit cards, etc.
All citizens and permanent residents are eligible for financial assistance to complete higher education under the Higher Education Loans Program.
As a PR you have Access to Medicare health facilities i.e., cheaper health insurance, free treatment
After 4 years of residence in Australia, you are eligible to apply for citizenship if you meet all the eligibility.
If you are children are born in Australia, they will be deemed as an Australian citizen and will have access to free education until a certain age and various other health care benefits.

How to Get PR in Australia from India?

A prospective candidate with proper documentation may apply for and obtain a PR visa through the following steps:

Keep the necessary documents ready. such as proof of Language proficiency, personal identity, education certificates, job experience, etc.
Submit the EOI (Expression of Interest).
Obtain a profile assessment.
An assessment grid requires a minimum score of 60 points.
Once through the assessment stage, Submit the application.
If nominated you will receive an ITR invitation.
Apply and Go to Australia.

Stepwise Process for Australia PR

Australia has a very systematic and clean immigration process, if you find it difficult to understand or go through the process alone you can consult Australian Immigration Consultants:

STEP1: Assessment of Education and Work Experience

Get your education qualifications and work experience evaluated. This is generally done by the assessing bodies. After you have produced all documentation, you can secure the results with 45-60 days. If selected you will be given the letter of accreditation

STEP2: Produce Language Proficiency Proof

Candidates applying for an Australian visa should provide proof of language proficiency in English. A minimum of band 7 is required in each module of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in IELTS to fulfill the visa requirement.

STEP3: Expression of Interest

The candidate has to submit EOI under the most suitable skillset category. Prove your interest by selecting your skills. The EOI stage will determine your eligibility ranking. You have better chances for ITA (Apply Invitation) if your score is higher. The processing time depends on the score of each applicant.

STEP4: State Nomination

If the candidate has applied for a state nomination it is necessary to get the nomination from the desired state. To continue the further process.

STEP5: Visa Application

Once you receive the invitation to apply. You must apply for a visa application to The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). This is normally done for 2 months after you obtain ITA.

STEP6: Police Verification and Medical Assessment.

After obtaining ITA, you have to get police verification and medical examination from a doctor who is registered with the Australian embassy.

STEP7: Approved Visa

After submitting the necessary documents, DIBP will be conducting thorough research. Once the details are satisfactory, you will be given a visa within 3 to 5 months.

STEP8: Gearing Up for Departure

Once the visa is approved. You will have 6 months to move to the country.


Australia offers everything one could ask for a great place to live, a balanced lifestyle, amazing people and food, abundant opportunities, and whatnot. The beautiful continent is a great place to live and enjoy life. if you want to immigrate to Australia contact Pearvisa Immigration consultants. We are one of the Best Australian Immigration Consultants for Australia PR, we help you to acquire your PR without any hurdles. Contact our consultants today and get closer to your Australia dream!


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