The Key Tips To Obtain Canada PR

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The Key Tips To Obtain Canada PR

Permanent residency is a type of Canadian immigration status.
A permanent resident is a person who has been granted permanent residency status for immigrating to Canada.
In order to be a permanent resident, one must undergo an immigration program such as Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Self-Employed Programmes, Entrepreneur Programme, Investor Programmes, Provincial Nomination Programs, express entry program, etc.
You must find a program that is suitable for your profile to apply for Canada PR Visa. One of the most popular immigration routes is the Express Entry System.

Only to say that when you become a permanent resident of Canada you have rights identical to that of a Canadian citizen, but you will have no voting rights, no political involvement, and so on. Though Canada PR will get you a step closer to acquiring citizenship, if you have lived in the country for three years as a permanent citizen in the last five years you will be eligible for citizenship.

Benefits of Having a Canada PR

There is N number of benefits given to Permanent Residents by the Canadian Government; here are some of the key benefits one can get by becoming a Canada PR:

Can live indefinitely and Work anywhere in Canada

As a permanent resident, you have the right to live indefinitely in the country and fly in and out for five years and forever with the renewal of PR and you also get to work anywhere in the country without any regulations although you cannot take part in political or higher governmental jobs as they are only meant for citizens.

Access to healthcare

Canada’s healthcare system is universal meaning Provincial universal health care coverage is provided to permanent residents. The Canadian Universal Health Care Policy covers most required medical expenses including emergency visits, vaccinations, regular tests.

Social security

The government of Canada spends heavily on social security and services to its residents. Canadian citizens and permanent citizens can utilize various programs such as a standard pension, tax benefit, subsidies, workers compensation, insurance, etc. The social security schemes help the residents in case they go unemployed or grow old they are backed by the Canadian government.

Sponsor your family

Once you have become a permanent resident you can apply to sponsor your wife and children for permanent resident.

Can Acquire Canadian citizenship

The first step towards becoming a Canadian citizen is to become a permanent resident. If you have lived in Canada for three years as a permanent citizen in the preceding five years you would be entitled to become a citizen.

Key Tips That Can Help You Prepare to File Application for Your Canada Permanent Resident Visas

Assess your eligibility for the program(s)

Canada offers various immigration programs such as express entry, federal skill, provincial nomination program, business Investor, Quebec Immigration, family class sponsorship programs, etc. You need to see various requirements and eligibility criteria to ensure you are entitled to the program or not.

Preparing All Documents

You require a passport, proof of language proficiency, medical reports, education credentials, police verification, the affirmation of funds, provincial nomination (if case you have one), employment offer letter (if any). These are the documents that you are required to prepare beforehand and keep ready so that you can submit them to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) when they invite you to summon the documents without any fuss.

Consult an Expert

The process of acquiring Canadian permanent resident visas is long and time-consuming. The laws for immigration keep on changing and you alone cannot go through the lengthy process it becomes daunting and confusing at times. You can seek help from the immigration experts as they have gone through the process several times, they know how things work around, and are familiar with the changing laws of immigration.

Follow the List

As said, the immigration process is lengthy and organized, you need to be attentive because you can’t miss a single thing if you do you may end up in some serious trouble. IRCC provides you a list of things to be done during the immigration process, it is very important for you to follow each and everything on the checklist and work on it to ensure everything is done in an orderly format.

Be Accurate in Your PR Application

The checklist provided to you by IRCC will be shaped based on your requirements and the program you have applied for. So, you need to make sure you have followed everything and have provided all the documents and filed the application accurately. If you miss anything you are required to justify your action to IRCC. Put the information which is true and is backed up by proof don’t lie in your application if caught you will have to face serious consequences.

Canada PR Visa Fee

Once you are finished with the process of eligibility and documentation you have to complete the fee processing, based on your program and circumstance you have to pay the Canada PR fee together with the biometric payment.

Be Up to Date with Your Documents and Always Keep a Copy

Make sure all your documents such as passport, language proof, permit is all within the validity period and keep an eye on their expiry date and renew them before you run out of time. Whether it is in physical form or electronic form it is always best to have a copy of all your documents to be on the safer side.


Acquiring a PR for Canada or any other country is a dream for many people but only a few get the chance due to various reasons. Sometimes silly mistakes in your application may end up in cancelling your PR application. It is best to get Connected with Our team of trusted Canada pr consultant. We have years of experience in the process of immigration and have been helping people to acquire Canadian PR’s. For a smooth and hassle-free PR process contact PearVisa immigration consultants today!


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