Key Requirements To Get An Australian Permanent Resident Visa in 2020

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Introduction: Australian Permanent Resident Visa

Are you looking for a resource on the key requirements to get an Australian permanent resident visa? Then you are in the right place because we are going to discuss about all the requirements in detail.

People plan to work and settle in Australia because of the presence of amazing job opportunities in companies to earn enough to lead a comfortable life. High-quality living standards in the Australian Society attract not just international immigrants but also impact the students who are currently pursuing their higher education to stay back and settle in that country.

If you want to work in any organization present in any part of Australia without any restrictions then the Australian Permanent Visa is the thing you need to get. Not just for work but when you get a PR visa you will have many benefits such as social security, medicare facility, etc just like an Australian Citizen.

But to get the Australian PR visa you must satisfy all the key requirements. Remember you need not be born in Australia to become a permanent resident but you need to have relevant work experience to get the PR visa. Let me share with you all the key requirements to get it.

Key Requirements To Get An Australian Permanent Visa:

1. Occupation Lists:

The job or occupation that you wanna pursue in the country should be present under the Skilled Occupation List or Combined Skilled Occupation List to be eligible for applying to get a permanent resident visa.

Unless your occupation is present you can’t apply for a visa through the skill select program by the Australian government for the international immigrants.

2. Documents:

There are various kinds of documents that you must get ready to submit while applying for the PR visa. Among all, the most important are listed below:

i. Skill Assessment Report:

PR visa applicants need a skill assessment report from the corresponding Australian Authority which acts as proof for your current skillset.

ii. Proof of English Proficiency:

When you are not a citizen of a native English speaking country and trying to apply for a visa then you you need to prove your proficiency in the English language. Not just for Australia but to enter every English speaking country you must submit your IELTS Score or PTE scores that prove your English Proficiency.

iii. English Certified Translation:

If any of the required documents are in a language other than English then you need to get them translated into the English language from a certified authority.

iv. Medical And Character Assessment Certificates:

You need to get your health and character examined by the Australian Government certified Authorities and get the assessment certificates. You can apply for them when you get your invite to apply for the visa for faster processing because these needs to be verified by the Department Of Immigration and Border Protection authorities to get your application approved

Apart from the above, you need to have all the travel, education, occupation, working experience, etc documents before planning to apply for the visa. So it is better to have a checklist of all the required documents so you wouldn’t miss any which causes a delay in the successful submission of your application.

3. Application Fee:

Every country’s visa procedure requires you to pay a fixed amount of money to submit your application to the immigration authorities. To apply for a PR visa you need to pay 4045 Australian Dollars as the application fee which varies for the other dependents such as your spouse or children.

4. Points For Australian Immigration:

Australia PR visas are processed based on a points-based system where you need to submit all your personal details creating a Skill Select profile. One must obtain a minimum of 65 points and remember the application processing time completely depends on the score you obtain.

The higher the points you get, the faster you get an invite to apply for a visa after submitting your Expression of Interest. So before you plan to apply for a PR visa it is better to check the Australia PR points calculators available to ensure that you would obtain a score of more than 65 points.

Now as you got to the key requirements to get the visa approved you might be wondering about the processing time. There is no such specific duration of time stated by the Australian Government officially as it depends on various factors such as your scores, applications received by the authorities on the date of submission of your application, etc.

But depending on the visa subclass you have selected while applying it might take from 6 months to 1 year to get it approved. So make sure no delay is made from your end at any point in time while following the visa procedure and ensure to meet all the requirements to score a higher number of points.

To get the visa approved successfully you should follow every step without making any mistakes. If you are busy with your work and other activities then seeking guidance from the visa consultants can be a great decision because they would provide you all the necessary information handling every possible aspect to help you save both time and money.

Conclusion: Australian Permanent Resident Visa

Australia has a developed city with less population and amazing opportunities to explore if you have the right skillset. To work in any part of the country without any restrictions you need to get the Australia Immigration PR. Moreover, there are many benefits provided for the people having a PR visa just like a citizen of that country.

So if you are planning to apply for a PR visa, it is better to approach the visa consultants near you. They can guide you better on those visa-related aspects because of the years of experience and expertise about all the latest visa policies of the country. This helps you obtain the visa on-time without any delay because they would inform you ahead of all the eligibility criteria.


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