Benefits of Australia PR & Step by Step Guide

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Amazing Benefits of Obtaining an Australian PR visa & Steps To Get It

Are you planning to obtain Australia Immigration PR? Well, reading this article might help you understand the entire visa process for living in that country with a Permanent Resident Visa.

Australia is a famous abroad destination among international immigrants because of many well-established multinational companies and other organizations in the country having ample work opportunities for the citizens living in the country to work and earn to live a comfortable life.

It has amazing facilities and a well-developed society where many immigrants would like to live. Even the students who pursue an education in the universities plan to stay back for pursuing a career that can add value to their resume. So you might be one thinking of shifting to Australia for working or studying in that country as an immigrant. Then having a permanent resident visa is useful.

Most people assume that one cannot become a citizen of a country if your place of birth is not located in that country. But in reality, you can become a citizen of Australia if you are eligible for that and obtaining the permanent resident visa initially is an important requirement to become a citizen forever.

Moreover, you have many benefits of getting a permanent resident visa for you of which some are listed below:

  • You and your family can get access to the “Medicare”, A National Level Health Care Scheme Offered To The People Living In That Country By The Government.
  • You can help your family members obtain their Permanent Resident Visa To Live There Along With You.
  • Your kids can get a scholarship for their studies within a certain age limits.
  • You can stay and work in any organization at any location in the country for up to 5 years which can also get extended just like an Australian Citizen.
  • You can get social security benefits if you have enough work experience.

Apart from the above-listed benefits a child born in that country who becomes a citizen by birth which would be highly useful for his higher education in that country availing the Higher Education Loan Program by the Australian Government. Moreover, you can even get Permanent Resident Visa In Newzealand with an Australian Permanent Residency.

So obtaining a permanent resident visa is highly useful for any international immigrant planning to settle in Australia. But before applying to get Australian PR you need to ensure that you are eligible for it.Especially with the very systematic points system for the immigrants, one can easily check their eligibility by calculating the totals points using Australia PR Points System.
These points are very important to decide about applying for the permanent resident visa under the visa subclasses 189/190/491.

So let me share with you the detailed eligibility criteria:

  • Must score at least 65 points in the Australian Points System.
  • Have an age below 45 years.
  • Have good health and obtain designation from the corresponding authorities.
  • Have relevant skillset, work experience and proficiency in the English Language obtaining good score in the language tests.
  • The occupation you are planning to work should fall under the CSOL or SOL list specified.

Even if you met the eligibility criteria you must pay 4045 Australian Dollars as the application fee which is less if any dependent such as your wife or children is applying for this visa. Apart from the eligibility criteria, it is better to know about the various subclasses that allow you to become a permanent resident.

These are part of the Skill select Program offered by the country for the foreign immigrants that can smoothen your visa processing time depending on your skillset and other criteria. Let me share more details about those visa subclasses

1. Subclass 189:

This is the subclass for skilled professionals tested using the points system.

2. Subclass 190:

This is the subclass for skilled workers nominated by the Australian State Or Territory.

3. Subclass 491:

This is the latest one which got replaced by the old Australia skilled independent subclass 489 which can be selected while applying for the permanent resident visa

As an applicant, you need to select the right one while applying for Australian PR. Now let me guide you on obtaining the Australian PR step-by-step.

Steps to Obtain Australia PR

Step 1:

Ensure to check the eligibility criteria before applying and check if you can obtain 65 points or not using any tool online because if you apply without checking you might be putting your own money of 4045 Australian Dollars At Risk.So check that and proceed to the next step.

Step 2:

Make every possible effort to obtain various documents such as work experience or language proficiency certificates etc ready in place to apply and submit them by applying for a skill assessment test by the authorities.

Step 3:

Creating a profile under the SkillSelect and submitting all your personal details such as age, gender, abroad working experience, skillset along with relevant documents such as an IELTS score raising the expression of interest. Doing this you will receive an invitation to apply for the visa based on your points and other factors.

Step 4:

Once you receive an invitation you need to apply for the visa with all the relevant documents and submit them to the Department Of Immigration and Border Protection(DIBP).

Remember you need to do this with 60 days. So if you are busy with something else better hire the Professional Visa Consultants.

Step 5:

Obtaining the medical and character assessment certificates which would be verified by the DIBP later. Only when they are satisfied after verifying your details you would be granted the visa of Australia.

Conclusion: Benefits of Australia PR

Australia is a developed country with many opportunities to work and grow for having a bright career. If you are planning to live in any part of the country without any restrictions then it is better to get the permanent visa to have various benefits related to health, social security, etc just like an Australian Citizen. So follow the above steps to obtain the visa quickly and easily.


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