Step by Step Procedure to Apply for Canada PR

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Step by Step Procedure to Apply for Canada PR

Step by Step Procedure to Apply for Canada PR

01: Introduction of Canada PR

Immigration is a major opportunity for different types of professionals living in India and there are a few countries at the top of the list when it comes to immigration for Indians. Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and has a developed economy and a very small population in comparison to its land area. The economy of Canada is growing and it has an immigration policy of welcoming permanent residents and many Indians are opting to immigrate to Canada by applying for the Canada PR. The following are some of the details about the basics of Canada PR to introduce immigrants to this process through Canada pr consultant:

Permanent Residency in Canada

There are different countries to emigrate to for skilled professionals from India and one of the best options in Canada. Canada’s economy in cities, as well as small towns, is growing and it requires immigrants to cope with the demands of the market. Different types of jobs are available in Canada and people move from India to Canada not just for career opportunities but also for the better standard of living as compared to India. The healthcare system is excellent and so is the educational system in Canada making it a great place for people from India to immigrate to applying for the permanent residency visa. With permanent residency in Canada, the immigrants can live; work and study in Canada and the due course can also apply for citizenship in Canada.

Types of Permanent Residency Programs in Canada

There are many permanent residency programs in Canada for immigrants from India and these programs are province-specific and also on a federal level. Permanent residency programs in Canada include federal programs like the Canada Express Entry Program and the Federal Skilled Workers Program. There are many territorial and provincial programs in Canada which are popular with an immigrant from India. Some of these programs include the Quebec Skilled Workers program and many other provincial programs for different provinces and territories called PNP programs.

Points Based Immigration System

Canada has points-based immigration system where the immigrant can apply for permanent residency. The application is taken into consideration if the immigrant has sufficient points based on the various variables that are taken into consideration. The variables include the age of the immigrant, education of the applicant, work experience of the applicant, and language skills of the applicant. It also includes adaptability factors which have points attached to them and also immigrants who already have jobs lined up for them in Canada get more points. If the total exceeds the minimum limit required for different permanent residency programs then immigrants have a chance of getting the Canada PR.

Canada PR application process takes a few months and it is always a good idea to use services of experienced immigration companies like PearVisa so that the process is smooth and hassle-free.

02: Canada Permanent Resident Visa Process

Canada is the second-largest country in the world in terms of land area but has a small population and is open to immigration of skilled workers from countries like India. Canada is a great place with career opportunities, high standard of living, and is especially known for its affordable and quality healthcare. It is a country of laws, it is safer for children than many other countries and it has a strong educational system. Many immigrants from India choose the Permanent Status Programs in Canada for immigrating to America and the following are the basic details of the visa process for permanent residency:

Process of Visa Application for Canada PR

Advice and Assessment

Immigration to Canada is a huge step in a person’s life as moving from India to Canada can be something that is challenging for immigrants. The first step of this process is to take advice from immigration experts. Taking the advice of the immigration experts can help immigrants understand the documents required, costs and also all the details about the process of immigration to Canada. The Permanent Residency visa process takes time and immigration consultants advice their clients about details regarding this process. They also help clients assess their personal situations and help immigrants determine their visa eligibility so that they can apply to the visa program for which they have the strongest eligibility and chance to succeed.

Processing the Visa Application

Once the immigrant decides to use the Canada Permanent Residency program to immigrate to Canada, the process of applying for the visa takes place. This includes preparing the documents required to be attached to the visa application form, filling the visa application and also maintaining communication with the immigration office of Canada. Processing a visa application includes attaching work experience documents, providing language skills documentation, and also providing relevant information about medical records and police verification.

Pre-Landing and Post-Landing Services

The next step after the application is approved by the authorities in Canada is getting ready to immigrate to Canada. The visa process to reach Canada also includes getting details about life in Canada, finding out basic civic details about the area in Canada chosen by the immigrant. Pre-landing services by immigration consultants also include providing information about Canada, orientation about career opportunities including an employment readiness course. They also provide details about healthcare that is provided to immigrants in Canada. Immigration consultants also provide settlement services as a part of the visa process for people who get permanent residency in Canada including guidance about all aspects of rules and systems in Canada.

Canada is a great place to immigrate to and PearVisa in Delhi is an excellent visa processing services firm which helps immigrants process their permanent visas to immigrate to Canada.

03: Benefits of Canada PR

Immigration is a way in which Indian citizens can travel to other countries and start a life in a new country. Immigration and movement of people have taken place for centuries but over the last few decades, many Indians have chosen to move abroad and start a life in a new country. United States of America, Canada, Australia, and Europe are the top destinations for Indian immigrants and millions of people from India have started new lives in developed countries. In the 21st century, many Indian citizens are looking towards Canada as a top immigration destination with the help of Canada PR programs.

Canada PR Programs

These are both federal programs which include programs like Canada Express Entry Program and Federal Skilled Workers Program which are very popular among Indians. There are many territorial programs like Quebec Skilled Worker program and the various provincial nominee programs for different provinces within Canada that immigrants can apply to for getting Canada PR. The following are some of the benefits of Canada PR:

Benefits of Canada PR

Standard of Living

One of the most attractive benefits for immigrants from India about Canada is its high standard of living. It has great transportation facilities, developed infrastructure and is a country where there are proper systems in place and the rule of law and civic responsibilities are maintained effectively. It is a relatively safe country and as a developed country the standard of living is high in Canada. It has low population and is looking for immigrants and also has low crime rate making it a safe option. The education and healthcare system in Canada is one of the best in the world.

Large Country with Abundant Natural Resources

Canada is a very large country and is the second-largest country in the world. It has many mountains, lakes, rivers, small towns, villages, and huge cities. As it is a big country there is just something to offer for almost everybody. Canada has an abundance of natural resources which means that there is plenty for everybody which means future generations will be safe when it comes to access to resources in the future.

Career Opportunities and High Paying Jobs

The main benefit of living in Canada is its strong economy and many jobs available for skilled immigrants in different sectors of the economy. There are many career opportunities for immigrants with Canada PR and high paying jobs in Canada means a good life in a developed country.

Immigration Friendly Country

Canada is an immigrant-friendly country and Canada PR allows immigrants to work study and live in Canada. Many Canada PR programs offer a fast track road to citizenship of Canada making it a great choice for immigrants from India. PearVisa is a top consultant service in Delhi which helps immigrants go through a hassle-free process of applying for Canada PR to avail all the benefits of moving to Canada.

04: Basic Requirements for Canada PR

Canada permanent residency status is the first step for immigrants to move to Canada. Canada is a top destination for people from India looking to leave the country and starting a new life in a developed country in the west. Canada has strong points-based merit-based immigration system and in general, Canada is known as an immigrant-friendly country looking to invite new immigrants. Canada PR is the best way to immigrate to Canada and there are basic requirements for an Immigrant to be eligible and qualify for Canada PR. The following are details of the basic requirement for Canada PR:

Points Based System

The basic requirement for Canada PR is to get points that are necessary to be eligible for Canada PR. This is a simple process as there are many variables and each variable is allotted points. If the total score of the immigrant after a calculating points got from each variable is above the minimum cut off required for Canada PR, then the immigrant can apply for these PR programs. The following are basic requirement variables that are allotted points in this Canada immigration system.

Basic Requirements for Canada PR

Age & Education

One of the basic details that the immigrant has to give in an application process is the details about the age of the immigrant. Younger immigrants have a better chance of getting Canada PR. Also, all the necessary details about educational qualifications need to be attached to the Canada PR application. Again higher educated immigrants get more points in this system which means that immigrants with doctoral or masters level degrees get more points.

Work Experience & Language Proficiency

Immigrants with work experience in different sectors of the economy have a better chance of getting Canada PR. Their details of the work experience including documentation proving the work experience has to be added to the application. Language proficiency is important for Canada PR and usually there are language proficiency tests for English. Immigrants can get extra points for passing language proficiency tests in French.

Adaptability & Personal Records

Many adaptability criteria can help boost the points for an immigrant looking to score well while applying for Canada PR. This includes providing details about different types of qualifications and history which make the immigrant more adaptable to Canada. This includes documentation of things like work experience in Canada, a previous study in Canada, and previous work or study of the spouse in Canada. Points are also awarded to immigrants with relatives in Canada and who have jobs lined up in Canada. Personal police verification details and medical records are also part of the basic requirements for Canada PR. PearVisa is a great immigration service in Delhi which offers immigrants looking to migrate to Canada with all information about basic requirements for Canada PR.

05: Documents Required for Canada PR

Canada is a large country in North America and has over the last fewer decades opened its doors to immigrants from all over the world. Canada has a large land area and a small population making it an ideal destination for skilled workers and immigrants from India. It is a major decision in people’s lives to move from one country to another and there is a lot of documentation involved in this process. Canada permanent residency is the best way for immigrants from India to move from India to Canada. Indians can study, work and live in Canada with Canada PR and there are many documents that immigrants need to keep in order before applying for Canada PR:

Documents Required for Canada PR

Personal Documents

Every immigrant has different personal documents based on their situation. The basic documentation required are the basic details of the immigrant and his family moving to Canada including the age proof and citizenship proof like the Birth Certificates of the people immigrating, marriage certificate if a married couple is immigrating and documents like adoption certificate and divorce certificate if applicable.

Educational Documents & Work Experience Documents

Education is a criteria that is used by Canada to decide whether the immigrant is eligible to get Canada PR. Proper documentation of educational qualification is very important and is to be attached to the application for Canada PR. Educational qualification documents include the mark sheets, degree certificates and other such documents obtained from relevant universities. Work experience is another criteria that is taken into consideration while judging eligibility for Canada PR. Because of this, it is important to include proof of work experience which includes proof of employment given on company letterheads by superiors from the previous jobs.

Travel Documentation

For getting Canada PR it is important to submit with the application, all necessary travel documents of the immigrants looking to immigrate to Canada. This includes passport information documents including photocopies of passport pages which are required for Canada PR.

Medical and Police Records

Before immigrating to Canada using the Canada permanent residency programs, Canada needs to know some personal medical details of the immigrants looking to immigrate to Canada. These medical documents include a medical examination from a qualified doctor and a medical test report by authorized physicians. The police clearance certificate is also an important document that is needed by the authorities in Canada to ascertain whether there are any outstanding cases against the immigrants in India before granting them Canada PR.

Other Documentation

Other documentation includes provincial or territorial nomination certificate if applicable, language proficiency test result documents, character certificates, and proof of funds documents as Canada PR requires the immigrant to have a certain amount of money in their bank account to immigrate to Canada. PearVisa is well equipped to advise their clients about all the necessary documentation that is required for the immigrants to get Canada PR.

06: Canada Permanent Residency Status

Many people from all over India are looking to immigrate to a developed western country and Canada is a perfect choice. It has a large land area as it is the second-largest country in the world and Canada is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Canada has a small population and has a very immigrant-friendly attitude looking to welcome well educated and skilled immigrants to their country. The best path to start a life in Canada is the Canada Permanent Residency programs that are popular with immigrants from India. The following are details about the Canada Permanent Residency Status:

Types of Canada Permanent Residency Status Programs

There are different types of Canada permanent residency programs for immigrants to choose for immigrating to Canada. This includes territorial and provincial programs as well as federal programs that immigrants find attractive options for getting Canada permanent residency status. This includes Quebec Skilled Workers Program which is a program launched by the province of Quebec. Canada Express Entry Visa program is a federal immigration program that offers immigrants permanent residency status swiftly and efficiently. There are many other PNPs in Canada which offer permanent residency status. Provincial Nominee Programs or PNPs are conducted by most major territories and provinces in Canada. The Federal Skilled Workers Program is another top choice for Canada PR.

Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency Status

Pathway to Citizenship

The Canada permanent residency status is the first step for these immigrants to get citizenship. After a few years of permanent residency status, these immigrants can apply for Canadian citizenship which makes them full citizens of a developed country like Canada with all its benefits.

Civic Benefits

Permanent Residents of Canada can move around Canada and also visit other countries from Canada. Permanent residents enjoy many rights and benefits in Canada and immigrants can live as residents of Canada which provides them with protections under the law.  Canada has a diverse immigrant-friendly society which makes it perfect for Indian immigrants.

Job Opportunities and Growing Economy

Canada is a developed country with a booming economy. Every sector in Canada needs more workers and skilled professionals making it an attractive destination for Indian immigrants. There are many job opportunities in Canada which pay good salaries and immigrants in Canada can enjoy a high standard of living.

Free Education and Healthcare

One of the best benefits of Canadian permanent residency status is the free healthcare card that immigrants get when they become permanent residents. Healthcare is a major cost all over the world and this is one of the best benefits of Canada. Free education for children in the Canadian education system is another benefit of Canada PR. PearVisa is a top immigration services company in India and they offer expert assistance for people looking to get Canadian permanent residency status.

07: Canada Express Entry Program

Canada is the top permanent residency destination for Indian immigrants looking to start a new life in a top developed country in the west. Canada has a small population in comparison to other western countries like the USA and has a more immigrant-friendly permanent residency program. There are many types of different immigration programs that offer permanent residency to Indians immigrating to Canada and one of the best choices is Canada Express Entry Program. The following are details about this program used by Indian immigrants to immigrate to Canada:

Canada Express Entry Program

Canada Express Entry Program is a program introduced by the Canadian government to attract skilled professional to Canada. This is a program for skilled and qualified immigrants and the main aim is to attract immigrants who are likely to succeed economically in Canada and help the Canadian economy. The main aim of this program is to reduce process time for immigrant permanent residency applications to around six months. This program was introduced in Canada to fill the labor gaps in many sectors of the Canadian economy.

Points Based Evaluation of Applications

Canada has a merit-based immigration system where the immigrant applications are scored based on various variables which are assigned points. Immigrants can calculate the points and if they score above 67 points they become eligible for Canada Express Entry Program. The following are factors that are taken into consideration while deciding on whether to grant an immigrant permanent residency in Canada:

Canada Express Entry Program – Selection Factors

Age and Education

Age is an important factor in determining the eligibility for an immigrant looking to immigrate using this program. The immigrants between 18-35 years get the most points and older immigrants get fewer points. Similarly, education also plays a critical role in deciding whether immigrants are qualified for this program. Immigrants with doctoral degrees or masters degrees get more points in comparison to less-educated immigrants.

Language Proficiency & Work Experience

Immigrants have to take English language proficiency tests and immigrants with higher scores get more points. Immigrants who also take a French proficiency test and score high marks get more points. The work experience in various sectors of the economy can also help immigrants boost their score to improve their chances of getting permanent residency.

Adaptability & Arranged Employment

Many adaptability factors boost the score including having relatives in Canada and also having worked or studied in Canada. Adaptability factors also include work experience and educational qualifications of spouses that may immigrate with immigrants applying for permanent residency. If the immigrant already has arranged employment it boosts the score for an immigrant looking to get permanent residency through this program.

PearVisa is a top choice for people looking to immigrate to Canada using the Canada Express Entry Immigration Program.

08: PearVisa Reviews (What People Says about Canada PR)

Many countries in the world are top destinations for Indians to immigrate to and where they feel that they can start a new life. This includes the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and many other European countries who are open to welcoming skilled professionals from countries like India. Many Indian immigrants have used Canada PR to immigrate to Canada and following are some of the benefits that people say they enjoyed after getting Canada PR:

Benefits of Canada PR According to PearVisa Reviews

Canada PR has been extremely beneficial for immigrants looking to start a new life in Canada. There are many types of Canada PR programs which immigrants can opt for and the process is fairly straightforward and using a top immigration consultation service is a good idea. The following are some of the benefits of Canada PR as per reviews of immigrants who have used this program:

Canada Permanent Residency – Path To Citizenship

Indian immigrants that have got Canada PR status have mentioned in their testimonials that settling in Canada has been easy because of the easy life and a diverse welcoming population. Many immigrants have chosen Canada PR because there is a pathway to citizenship of Canada in just a few years making it a much safer option compared to countries like the USA.

Canada Permanent Residency – Healthcare & Education

In reviews, many immigrants to Canada with Canada PR have talked about the two top reasons why they choose to immigrate to Canada which are – healthcare and education. Healthcare and medical insurance costs are sky rocketing all over the world but Canada permanent residency status immigrants can get a free healthcare card. Canada’s healthcare system is free and is one of the best in the world. Another benefit that is seen in Canada PR reviews is free education for the children of immigrants in Canada’s world-renowned education system.

Canada Permanent Residency – High Paying Jobs

In PearVisa reviews, many immigrants mention Canada as a top option for better career opportunities. There are many high paying jobs in Canada and many Indian immigrants say this is the top reason why Canada PR was their top choice. Canada has a growing economy in different sectors and immigrants from India generally get good jobs in various towns and cities in Canada.

Canada Permanent Residency – Improved Lifestyle and Standard of Living

PearVisa reviews about Canada PR show that one of the main reasons for getting this status in Canada is the improved standard of living and better lifestyle in Canada. Canada has a low population, great infrastructure, modern cities and is a top western country which is an important reason many people give for choosing Canada PR. PearVisa is a top immigration services company and people who have immigrated to Canada with the help of this company have given great reviews about Canada PR and services of PearVisa.

09: PearVisa Complaints (General/Nominal Complaints from Applier)

PearVisa is a top immigration services company in India and they have a great success rate. They have helped thousands of immigrants immigrate to countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, and many other countries. The process of immigration can be tedious and there can be some hassles along the way. Appliers can have some types of general or nominal complaints during the process and the following are some of these complaints so that immigrants can try can get around them:

Examples of a Few Small PearVisa Complaints

Consultants Sometimes Do Not Pick Calls

Companies like PearVisa handle many clients every day and professional consultants are dealing with different cases at one time. Sometimes clients have complained about not getting through on a call with the consultants of PearVisa, the first time they try. PearVisa encourages their clients to try again so that they can reach their consultants for handling different queries and issues that might arise during this process. This is a common complaint with many clients of the company but it is easily remedied.

Sometimes Process Time for Applications Takes a Long Time

There are different types of visa and immigration programs in countries all over the world. The immigration system is rapid and fast-paced in some countries where as in some countries it is slow and takes time. A major complaint by many clients at PearVisa is the delay in processing some application and sometimes these immigration processes are delayed. In such cases an immigration consultant advice client to be patient but that is not always easy.

Changes in Documents & Rules

There are many rules and regulations not to mention documents that the immigrants have to handle during this process. Most often immigration consultants are very well versed in changes in rules and documents required in these immigration processes. Sometimes there is a delay in adapting to changes which causes some problems in the process and that is a complaint seen now and then.

Orientation & Settlement

Every immigrant going to a foreign country to immigrate to that country has different levels of knowledge about the new country. Immigration consultants give standard information to every immigrant about settling in their new country. However, there are some complaints about not getting enough information as some immigrants need more orientation than others.

Understanding Information

Sometimes immigration process can be tricky and it requires a lot of documentation and preparation. A common complaint among many appliers is that they take time to understand the details and especially small minute details about the processes while applying for immigration Visa. PearVisa takes every complaint very seriously. They do a good job in achieving a fast resolution of complaints that clients have during the process of applying for visas and permanent residency cards with the help of this immigration service.

10: Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Canada is a very large country in terms of land size and many provinces together makeup Canada. Canada has a great economy which is growing at a steady rate and one of the major problems in Canada is the gaps in the labor force in various sectors of the economy. Some provinces are much stronger economically than others but most provinces in Canada need new immigrants to fill the job vacancies in different sectors. Canadian provincial governments decided that it is a good idea to start provincial nominee programs to attract immigrants from all over the world including India.

Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Programs or PNPs are immigration programs that are conducted at a territorial or provincial level and not at a federal level. Different provinces and territories in Canada have a version of the Provincial Nominee Program. These programs offer the immigrants permanent residency status in Canada and a pathway to citizenship. This is a perfect program for immigrants who know exactly which province of Canada they want to immigrate to when they decide to immigrate to Canada. The following are some of the provinces that offer PNPs:

Provinces that offer PNPs

Canada has different provinces as it is a large country and most of the provinces offer PNPs. This includes the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, British Columbia PNP, Manitoba PNP, New Brunswick PNP and Newfoundland, and Labrador PNP. Other popular programs include the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, and Prince Edward Island PNP. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, Northwest Territories Nominee Program, and Yukon Nominee Program are great programs for immigrants looking to resettle in India. Canada is not a homogenous country and every province offers something different to immigrants. Some provinces are colder than others, some are closer to America than others, some have a beautiful coastline, some have rural areas and some provinces have modern and large cities. The following are details about applying for PNPs:

Details of Provincial Nominee Programs

There are many streams in the provincial nominee programs that are currently available for immigrants in different provinces and territories. This includes Express Entry programs, Skilled Worker programs, international graduate programs, business immigration programs, and semi- skilled worker programs. These programs require immigrants to live and work in the province for two years before they can move to another province. Each PNP program has at least one stream that is aligned to the Federal Express Entry immigration selection system. These are points-based merit system economic immigration programs and the immigrants can apply for Canada permanent residency using these programs which are pathways to citizenship.

PearVisa is a top immigration consultant in Delhi and the immigration experts at PearVisa have detailed knowledge about different Canada PNPs. This makes it a perfect choice for people looking to immigrate to Canada and who are interested in Canada PNPs.

11: How Express Entry Works for Canada PR

Many immigrants are looking to move to developed countries like Canada to start a new life with a higher standard of living. Professional skilled immigrants from good educational backgrounds especially try and immigrate to Canada using the various Canada permanent residency programs. Canada Express Entry program is a top choice for Indian immigrants looking to immigrate to Canada. The following are details about Express Entry for Canada PR and details about how the system works:

Details about Express Entry for Canada PR


The government of Canada decided to introduce an Express Entry program for Canada PR to plug the gaps in their economy as they needed high skilled professionals for many sectors of the economy. Every year the government decides on a quota of immigrants that they are going to take directly from the Express Entry route. This includes a fixed quota for the Federal Express Entry program and a separate quota for the Provincial Nominee programs which are conducted by provinces and territories in Canada.

Merit-Based Points System

The immigration system in Canada moved from a first come first serve basis to a merit-based system. The immigrants are evaluated on a points-based system where they get points depending on various factors. This includes age, educational qualification, work experience, previous work or study in Canada, relatives in Canada, adaptability factors, and immigrants also get extra points if they already have a job lined up for them in Canada. Immigrants are also judged on their language skills in English and they get extra points if they know how to speak fluently in French. Immigrants in their 20s with higher education degrees, good language skills, and a solid work experience background are considered an ideal candidate.

Ranking System in Express Entry in Canada PR

Canada permanent residency is a great choice for Indian immigrants. Express Entry programs are the fastest way to get Canada PR as Express Entry programs can process applications in around 6 months. Once the application is submitted, the immigrant depending on their eligibility score gets an automatic rank based on the strength of the application. This system that ranks immigrants for Express Entry is called Comprehensive Ranking System. Immigrants get Educational Credential Assessment results and the immigrants can check their eligibility for Express Entry based on occupation.

National Occupational Classification

Immigrants get Express Entry Canada PR status if they have work experience in the list of sectors of the economy where there are job openings. The immigrants who have work experience in the sectors that Canada has included in the Express Entry programs have a good chance of getting Express Entry Canada PR. This system has occupations ranked in various categories based on skill and Canada’s labour market.

Express Entry is a merit-based and occupational based fast immigration system in Canada and immigration service like PearVisa does a good job in helping immigrant with this process.


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