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Australia is an incredible country. Not just because of its splendid backdrops or the oceanic beauty but the career and job avenues that this island nation offers are unmatchable. It is a top choice for people from across the world because of the high-paying jobs, better prospects of education, and an outstanding standard of living. Among all the nations, India is one of the top countries where people immigrate to Australia.

If you are someone who plans on settling down in Australia in the next year, this blog is curated for you. Fresh information from the best Australia visa consultants in Delhi served right here to help you out. Read along!

Australian Immigration – A Brief for You

Australia offers a large number of visa subcategories for applicants who meet the specific eligibility requirements. The Australian Government has devised immigration systems for Permanent Resident Visas so that the immigration process can be streamlined. It is done to ensure that only suitable candidates are granted a visa.

Now, one must note that all Immigration programs differ from one another which is why every program has a different set of eligibility requirements. The best immigration consultants in Bangalore will help you to understand all the immigration programs and determine which one will suit you.


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There are two migration paths for people who want to relocate to Australia –

  1. Family Stream 
  2. Skilled Stream 

Both these streams have different eligibility requirements. While the Skilled Stream is meant for skilled workers who can aid the economic development of the country, the family stream is for the migration of close relatives of any Australian citizen or PR.

As per the Australian Government’s Immigration plan, the Skilled Stream Category has 79,600 places for immigrants. If an applicant matched the eligibility requirements and scores the required points, they have a higher chance in this particular stream.

If you are planning to move to Australia under any of these streams, your Australia Immigration PR will guide you in your immigration procedure. Both these streams have varying categories and you might not know which stream is ideal for you and how can you meet its eligibility criteria. Your immigration partner can come to the rescue in this situation.

PearVisa – Your Trusted Immigration Consultants 

If you wish to relocate to Australia, then it’s time you start with your preparations. For immigration and related queries, connect with PearVisa. We are the most trusted and the best immigration consultants in Bangalore for AustraliaWe have assisted thousands of people in turning their dream of settling abroad into a reality. Connect with us at PearVisa if you wish to have smooth, fast, and seamless immigration to Australia.


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